Discover how our postgraduate courses in science will help accelerate your knowledge, leading you to a career in the industry or connect you to further study and research.

Master of Science program 

Whether you want to lead the next innovative discoveries in research or secure a specialist role in the workforce, our Master of Science degrees will equip you with the skills you need. Become career-ready and in-demand across a diverse range of industries and work with renowned researchers and academics.

You’ll have the opportunity to undertake an intensive research project in your field of choice, complimented by a range of coursework subjects including a professional skills component. Explore eight specialisations including bioinformatics, biosciences, chemistry, earth sciences, epidemiology, mathematics & statistics, physics, and geography.

Jessica – Master of Science (BioSciences)

The Masters of Science sees different students with different research projects and really offers the sort of program that tailors to each student's need. You’re also granted a lot of flexibility with your research project. Because you’ll be working in a lab with PhD students from a lot of different backgrounds, you’ll get a lot of good insight into the types of experiments you’ll get to do.

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Master of Biotechnology

Explore how scientific discoveries progress from the laboratory to the marketplace through the Master of Biotechnology. Using fundamental biological and medical knowledge you’ll study all aspects of the biotechnology product pipeline to understand how to develop new processes and products in health, agribusiness, food and other areas of human technology.

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I chose to study Biotechnology because I’m interested in learning how these techniques can be applied to fields like medicine and agriculture. The subjects have fascinated me because I’ve realised what wonders can be done with the latest technologies – I've learned about CRISPR, gene drives and gene therapy. Combining these studies with subjects about project management and “lab to life” have been invaluable with building my skills to help me work in an industry once I’ve graduated.

Chathuri Jayasundera – Master of Biotechnology
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Master of Data Science

Combining statistics and computer science, this degree will prepare you for a career in data analytics where you’ll be qualified to work in fields such as health, retail or ecology.

You’ll gain technological and analytical skills to manage and gain insights from complex collections of data as well as engage in professional skills subjects to help you launch your data science career with confidence.

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Working on an industry project was an excellent experience for me as part of my Master of Data Science. It was quite challenging as for the first time, I got to work hands-on with data to find insights and learn how to use that data for a business. This project was also my first time picking up the role of a project coordinator and managing the team was not something I had experience doing.

 Yingkun Huang – Master of Data Science
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