At the Melbourne Business School, students are given key opportunities through the study of practical subjects and internships to develop their professional skills and experience. Upon graduation, our students can draw on their hands-on experience to confidently enter the workplace with in-demand and industry-aligned skills.

Mallika Dutta – Global Business Practicum

Master of Management (Marketing) student Mallika Dutta pursued the Global Practicum subject, where students undertake a genuine business consulting project with Australian or international organisations.

I am convinced that the Global Business Practicum has made me industry-ready... The subject is intensive but realistic, and a great way to test what you are passionate about.

'My student team were assigned to Two Hands, a company based out of Shanghai and Melbourne with roots in ethical supply and block-chain technology. Our task was to design a product launch for the Chinese market.” Mallika says. “I am convinced that the Global Business Practicum has made me industry-ready, with the first of many online client pitches and professional experiences.'

'[It] enables holistic development, as I was not only able to apply my theoretical knowledge and skills to a real-world business problem, but also to enhance my soft skills of teamwork and time management.'

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Hasini Ilangaratne – CSIRO

Hasini Ilangaratne completed an internship with CSIRO as part of her Master of Management. She described her internship experience with the CSIRO as nothing short of incredible, gaining exposure to a variety of business areas and challenges and contributed to impactful work within the Business Development team.

“I was prone to doubting myself and putting myself down especially around senior staff, but I learned that we each have something unique to bring to the table.”

'I was afforded the opportunity to liaise with diverse stakeholders within the organisation including scientists, consultants, executive leadership and business development managers. I was fortunate to be able to present my work to an Executive Director, which was nerve-wracking but rewarding.'

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Adam Hamidon (MBSSA President), Master of Econometrics (Enhanced)

While completing his Master of Econometrics, Adam Hamidon keeps busy in his role of president of the Melbourne Business School Student Association (MBSSA) where he manages and directs a team of 35 people.

Bringing together students from the Melbourne Business School through a range of social, professional and volunteer events, the MBSSA has been a great way to help Adam develop his professional and interpersonal skills.

‘There’s quite a few soft skills I’ve developed while I’ve been president at the MBSSA, the first is being able to delegate and manage people better. I haven’t had that much opportunity to do that while I was working, so coming back to the university and having that opportunity has been really good … the committee’s very diverse with people from multiple cultures and countries so being able to communicate with people of different backgrounds has been a really good skill that I’ve developed.'

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