Meet Albert

2023 Hansen Scholar

Albert Dong is studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and Economics. Here he shares what motivated him to apply to the Hansen Scholarship Program and what he has got out of the experience.

Tell us about your experience studying at the University of Melbourne, and how being a Hansen Scholar has impacted you.

I have been looking forward to studying at the University of Melbourne ever since I finished high school, and after being finally able to attend lectures and tutorials on campus, my expectations have definitely been met. I have enjoyed engrossing myself in the rich academic culture and the vast number of clubs available here. Club-run events ensure that there isn’t a dull moment on campus and highlights how welcoming the student community truly is.

Being a Hansen scholar, I feel encouraged every day to push myself to become a leader amongst my peers. My fellow Hansen scholars come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and many are studying in fields different to mine, so I am most appreciative for being able to talk and interact with my cohort because it has broadened my horizons as I learn about things that I had never previously been exposed to.

Why did you apply for the Hansen Scholarship Program?

After finding out about the scholarship program, I knew that it has the resources and is structured in a way that can help individuals like me to develop leadership skills and be exposed to a wealth of experiences in ways that would be much harder to achieve otherwise.

I realised that the opportunities that would come with the scholarship, beyond the financial support and accommodation, can benefit me immensely in conjunction with my university studies.

Tell us about some of the events and opportunities you've been able to participate in as a Hansen Scholar.

The events that have been held for our entire cohort, such as the Portarlington trip, Hansens Have Talent, and multiple cultural outings, have helped me create strong bonds with my fellow scholars. Each scholar is exceptional, with their own set of skills and different leadership qualities, so being able to interact with them so closely and frequently inspires me to push myself further and to constantly learn new things or acquire new skills.

I found that the mentorship program and my roommates have especially been helpful in integrating myself into this new environment. It was slightly daunting to move out of home and start studying whilst living independently, but knowing that my peers have experienced or are experiencing similar troubles, and are there to support me, made the landing much softer, and becoming a Hansen scholar was much easier.

What advice do you have for other students considering applying to Melbourne and for the Hansen Scholarship?

I would advise them to first think carefully about the qualities they think they have that are suitable for becoming a Hansen scholar, and how the scholarship program can help develop those qualities. I feel that the scholarship program is a great way to acquire and develop leadership skills and overall push you into becoming a more well rounded individual.

Being a Hansen scholar, I feel encouraged every day to push myself to become a leader amongst my peers.