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Learn more about Melbourne MicroCerts, including how to enrol and your digital certificate.

A Melbourne MicroCert is a microcredential offered by the University of Melbourne. This is a small, focused unit of study that has been developed to meet the need for increased flexibility in learning and professional development.

A microcredential is an increasingly sought-after type of certification that focuses on specific knowledge, skills and capabilities. It can be thought of as a mini qualification, which verifies that you possess a particular professional skill. When you earn a microcredential, you will receive a digital certificate embedded with metadata, which is designed to be shared online, such as on LinkedIn or in your email signature. Prospective employers can view the microcredential’s metadata to verify its authenticity and find out more about the warrant it represents, adding to the trust and transparency of the certification.

Melbourne MicroCerts are either delivered online or face to face with supporting online learning experiences. To find out how a particular Melbourne MicroCert is delivered, check its individual page.

Melbourne MicroCerts require students to participate within a given timeframe. They are not self-paced.

Yes. Assessment is equivalent to 1250 words . To achieve your Melbourne MicroCert, you must receive a minimum overall pass mark of 70%.

We have grouped many of our Melbourne MicroCerts into series or suites, enabling you to easily select multiple microcredentials from a discipline that is relevant to you.

  • A series includes four related Melbourne MicroCerts. If you complete all four, you may be eligible to apply for credit towards an award course offered by the University.
  • A suite also includes related Melbourne MicroCerts but does not necessarily lead to credit for an award course.

To see which award courses your Melbourne MicroCert series may provide a pathway to, check its individual page.

Melbourne MicroCerts are considered a non-accredited form of study, but you may be able to stack your credentials to gain credit towards a further certificate, diploma or degree offered by the University. Each Melbourne MicroCert is worth 3.125 points, the equivalent of a quarter of a typical 12.5-point university subject.

As Melbourne MicroCerts are considered a non-accredited form of study, you will not be classified as a ‘student’ at the University of Melbourne.

Some Melbourne MicroCerts are designed in a way that enables you to ‘stack’ them together with other microcredentials to use as combined credit to apply for a related award course. To do so, you need to complete four Melbourne MicroCerts from the same series to achieve a total 12.5 credit points. Then you may be eligible to apply for advanced standing into a related or targeted award course. To find out whether your Melbourne MicroCerts can be used in this way, check its individual page.

Some  Melbourne MicroCerts can be recognised as credit for prior learning – otherwise known as advanced standing – and used as a pathway into our award courses. To use Melbourne MicroCerts for advanced standing, you will need to complete the equivalent of one subject offered in a relevant certificate, diploma or degree. To find out whether your Melbourne MicroCert can be used in this way, check its individual page.

All Melbourne MicroCerts are issued via a digital credentialing platform called Badgr. To learn more about Badgr, visit

Microcredentials are embedded with metadata allowing anyone who clicks on it to review details of the warrant for your achievement. This is similar to a transcript, but with more detail. The metadata includes a description of the specific knowledge, skills, or capabilities being warranted, plus how the microcredential aligns to any professional frameworks or accreditation standards, and whether the microcredential has any industry endorsements. It sometimes also includes the artefacts – such as videos or written material – that you produced to achieve the microcredential.

When you earn a microcredential, you will receive a .json digital file that contains a graphic icon and embedded metadata.

After you are awarded your Melbourne MicroCert, you can share it digitally and via social media platforms by adding it to your personal platforms. For example, you may add it to your LinkedIn page. This enables prospective employers and accrediting bodies to be confident in your skills and knowledge.

Your Melbourne MicroCert might be issued with an expiry date. This means that the knowledge and skills within the field of study are changing rapidly and therefore may need to be refreshed in the future. To find specific expiry information about a Melbourne MicroCert, check its individual page.

To enrol in a Melbourne MicroCert, click the Book Now button on its individual page. If there is no Book Now button, you can register to receive updates on the Melbourne MicroCert, including when it is open for enrolment.

How much does it cost to undertake a Melbourne MicroCert?

Fees vary across Melbourne MicroCerts. To find specific fee information about a Melbourne MicroCert, check its individual page.

Fees are expected to be paid upfront and cannot be deferred via FEE-HELP. HELP loans are only available to students undertaking award courses.

Fees are expected to be paid upfront and cannot be paid in instalments.

Eligibility requirements vary across Melbourne MicroCerts. Some require previous work experience and study, while others have no prerequisites. To find out if you are eligible for a particular Melbourne MicroCert, check its individual page.

Melbourne MicroCerts draw on the world-class research of the University of Melbourne and are developed alongside industry, meaning you can be confident the skills and knowledge you are gaining are absolutely relevant to your profession and in line with industry needs.

Melbourne MicroCerts also provide a warrant for the knowledge and skills obtained, because they include a form of assessment. This provides greater trust for employers, and therefore are more valuable to learners.

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