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  1. Short course 3a Affiliate Trainer
  2. Short course 3a Coach
  3. Short course 3a Practitioner
  4. Seminar 3D Echocardiography


  1. Melbourne MicroCert Acknowledgement of Country
  2. Short course Acting and Music Theatre Studio 1: Light and Shadow
  3. Short course Acting and Music Theatre Studio 2: Body and Movement
  4. Short course Acting and Music Theatre Studio 3: Relational Action
  5. Melbourne MicroCert Adaptability for Artificial Intelligence
  6. Short course Adult Dental Therapy (Preparation to Practice)
  7. Short course Age-Related Macular Degeneration for Primary Eyecare Practitioners
  8. Melbourne MicroCert Analytics and Organisational Impacts
  9. Short course Applied Learning Health System
  10. Melbourne MicroCert Artificial Intelligence and Women
  11. Melbourne MicroCert Artificial Intelligence Policies
  12. Melbourne MicroCert Assessment of Bushfire Exposure
  13. Short course Assessment of Diastolic Function
  14. Short course Assessment of Left Ventricular Systolic Function
  15. Short course Assessment of Right Ventricular Systolic Function


  1. Short course Basic Pathological Sciences Preparation Course
  2. Short course Basic TTE
  3. Melbourne MicroCert Basics of BIM
  4. Melbourne MicroCert Behaviour Change for Clinical Practice
  5. Short course Biochemical Basis for Human Life
  6. Melbourne MicroCert Blockchain and Smart Contract Fundamentals
  7. Short course Business Process Mining


  1. Short course Carbon Neutral Agriculture
  2. Short course Cardiac Ultrasound Doppler
  3. Short course CLASS Observation Training
  4. Short course Clinical Costing Fundamentals and Analyses
  5. Short course Clinical Ethics and COVID-19
  6. Short course Clinical Supervision Online
  7. Melbourne MicroCert Clinical Trial Protocol Design
  8. Short course Clinician Resilience During COVID-19
  9. Short course Collaborative Leadership
  10. Short course Common Occlusal Problems and Management of Tooth Wear in General Practice
  11. Melbourne MicroCert Comparative Analysis of Customer Data
  12. Short course Compassion Fatigue: The Cost of Caring
  13. Short course Contemporary Endodontics
  14. Short course Contemporary Epidemiology
  15. Melbourne MicroCert Contract Drafting Skills
  16. Short course COVID19 Lung and Cardiac Ultrasound
  17. Melbourne MicroCert Creating Value through Public Procurement
  18. Short course Creative Digital Communications
  19. Melbourne MicroCert Creativity and Innovation
  20. Melbourne MicroCert Customer Loyalty: Create and Calculate its Value
  21. Short course Customised Employment Part 1 - The Core Elements
  22. Short course Customised Employment Part 2 - Advanced skills
  23. Melbourne MicroCert Cybersecurity in Organisations
  24. Melbourne MicroCert Cybersecurity Management Practices
  25. Melbourne MicroCert Cybersecurity: Strategy and Incident Response
  26. Melbourne MicroCert Cybersecurity: Technologies for Defence


  1. Seminar Deep Vein Thrombosis Ultrasound
  2. Melbourne MicroCert Design Thinking
  3. Short course Designing Economic Evaluation Alongside Clinical Studies
  4. Melbourne MicroCert Detecting Flaws in Reasoning
  5. Melbourne MicroCert Determinants of House Loss Due to Fire
  6. Melbourne MicroCert Developing Insights from the Online Customer Journey
  7. Short course Diabetes Academy – Managing Your Type 1 Diabetes
  8. Short course Diabetes Academy – What’s New in Diabetes?
  9. Short course Diabetes Academy – What’s New in Diabetes? Advanced
  10. Melbourne MicroCert Digital Storytelling
  11. Melbourne MicroCert Digital Tools for Inclusive Teaching
  12. Melbourne MicroCert Disaster Management Essentials
  13. Short course Discovering Horticulture
  14. Melbourne MicroCert Drug Commercialisation Fundamentals
  15. Short course Dynamic Presentations


  1. Melbourne MicroCert Effective Leadership Communication
  2. Melbourne MicroCert Effective Negotiation
  3. Melbourne MicroCert Ethical Judgement
  4. Melbourne MicroCert Ethics and Integrity in Government Practice
  5. Short course Evaluating Public Health Interventions using Economic and Epidemiologic Methods
  6. Melbourne MicroCert Evaluating Regulatory Systems
  7. Melbourne MicroCert Evaluation in Agricultural Innovation
  8. Melbourne MicroCert Experience Design for Emerging Technologies


  1. Short course Feedback and Performance Development
  2. Short course Finding Your Persuasive Voice
  3. Seminar Focused Cardiac Ultrasound - Peri-Arrest
  4. Short course Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Transoesophageal Echocardiography
  5. Short course Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Transoesophageal Echocardiography Advanced
  6. Short course Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Transthoracic Echocardiography
  7. Seminar Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Transthoracic Echocardiography Advanced
  8. Short course Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Transthoracic Echocardiography Certification
  9. Melbourne MicroCert Focused Psychological Strategies Essentials
  10. Seminar Focused Ultrasound Simulation Education - Institutional
  11. Seminar Focused Ultrasound Simulation Education - Vascular
  12. Seminar Focused Ultrasound Simulator Education COVID-19 Lung
  13. Melbourne MicroCert Foundations of Social and Sustainable Procurement
  14. Melbourne MicroCert Foundations of Sustainable Business


  1. Melbourne MicroCert Gender Bias and Discrimination in Data
  2. Melbourne MicroCert Generating Creativity
  3. Short course Genetics in Pregnancy
  4. Short course Global Adolescent Health
  5. Melbourne MicroCert Goal-oriented Software and Service Design
  6. Melbourne MicroCert Good Governance: Navigating Law for Public Managers
  7. Melbourne MicroCert Government Budget Essentials


  1. Short course Health Program Evaluation: Scoping the Evaluation
  2. Short course How To Do Online Learning


  1. Short course Identifying and Responding to Domestic and Family Violence
  2. Short course Immunisation (Nurse Immuniser)
  3. Melbourne MicroCert Implementation of Social and Sustainable Procurement
  4. Short course Improvisation, Influence and Engagement
  5. Melbourne MicroCert Indigenous and Other Sovereignties
  6. Melbourne MicroCert Indigenous Community Research
  7. Melbourne MicroCert Indigenous Cultural and Creative IP
  8. Short course Intensive Clinical Leadership
  9. Short course Interdisciplinary Management of the Upper Lateral Incisor Conundrum
  10. Melbourne MicroCert Intrapreneurship Fundamentals
  11. Short course Introduction to Cost Effectiveness Analysis in Health
  12. Short course Introduction to Data Linkage for Research
  13. Melbourne MicroCert Introduction to Learning Difficulties
  14. Melbourne MicroCert Introduction to the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
  15. Melbourne MicroCert Introduction to Values-Based Heritage


  1. Short course Know Violence Against Women Data (kNOwVAWdata)


  1. Short course kNOwVAWdata


  1. Melbourne MicroCert Lawful Relations with Indigenous Peoples
  2. Melbourne MicroCert Leading Change
  3. Melbourne MicroCert Leading Learning: Contemporary Theories
  4. Melbourne MicroCert Leading Learning for Quality Improvement
  5. Melbourne MicroCert Leading Learning through Advocacy
  6. Melbourne MicroCert Leading Learning through Partnerships
  7. Melbourne MicroCert Leading Teams
  8. Melbourne MicroCert Learning in Innovative Spaces
  9. Melbourne MicroCert Life-cycle Risk Management for Infrastructure Projects
  10. Short course Local Anaesthesia: A Refresher for Dental Practitioners
  11. Short course Lung Ultrasound


  1. Short course Management of Obesity
  2. Short course Managing Compassion Fatigue in Health Professionals
  3. Melbourne MicroCert Managing Stakeholders and Sustainability
  4. Melbourne MicroCert Managing Strategic Performance
  5. Short course Master Class in Principles of Surgical and Restorative Implant Dentistry
  6. Short course Master Class in Prosthdontics
  7. Short course Medical Perfusion
  8. Short course Melbourne ITI Education Week
  9. Short course Micro Online Courses
  10. Melbourne MicroCert Microbial Genomics: Applications for Clinical Sciences
  11. Melbourne MicroCert Microbial Genomics: Applications for Public Health
  12. Melbourne MicroCert Microbial Genomics: Bioinformatic Analysis Basics
  13. Melbourne MicroCert Microbial Genomics: DNA Sequencing Basics
  14. Short course Migraine Management for Practitioners
  15. Melbourne MicroCert Mindfulness in Clinical Practice


  1. Short course mixOmics R Essentials for Biological Data Integration


  1. Short course Neuroanatomy for Neuropsychologists
  2. Short course Neurological Rehabilitation eLearning
  3. Melbourne MicroCert New Approaches for Heritage Significance
  4. Melbourne MicroCert New Tools for Documenting Heritage Fabric


  1. Short course Obstetric Ultrasound
  2. Short course Orthodontics for Dental Therapists, Hygienists and Oral Health Therapists
  3. Short course Osteosarcopenia: Preventing falls and fractures in older persons


  1. Short course Painting and Drawing Studio 1: Light and Shadow
  2. Short course Painting and Drawing Studio 2: Body and Movement
  3. Short course Painting and Drawing Studio 3: Relational Action
  4. Short course Pathway to Career Progression (Surgery)
  5. Melbourne MicroCert People and Change in Agriculture
  6. Melbourne MicroCert Performance Management
  7. Short course Periodontal Surgery
  8. Melbourne MicroCert Personal Effectiveness
  9. Melbourne MicroCert Persuasion for Policymakers
  10. Short course Point of Care Early Pregnancy Ultrasound
  11. Short course Practical Methods for Health Economic Evaluation
  12. Short course Prechtl's General Movements Assessment
  13. Short course Principles of Implant Dentistry
  14. Melbourne MicroCert Process Thinking and Improvement
  15. Melbourne MicroCert Professional Boundaries
  16. Short course Prosthodontics for Practice


  1. Short course Radiology for Physiotherapists
  2. Melbourne MicroCert Reality Capture for BIM
  3. Melbourne MicroCert Recognising and Managing Disinformation
  4. Melbourne MicroCert Recognition, Reconciliation, Refusal
  5. Short course Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth


  1. Melbourne MicroCert Schools' Transition to Innovative Spaces
  2. Melbourne MicroCert Segmentation Approaches for Agriculture
  3. Melbourne MicroCert Services Design using BIM
  4. Short course SES: Surgical Extraction Skills (Formerly Dentoalveolar Surgery Refresher course)
  5. Melbourne MicroCert Sharing of Indigenous Knowledges
  6. Melbourne MicroCert Statutory Heritage
  7. Melbourne MicroCert Strategic Contract Drafting and Negotiation
  8. Melbourne MicroCert Strategic Data in Organisations
  9. Melbourne MicroCert Strategic Data Management
  10. Melbourne MicroCert Strategic Social and Sustainable Procurement
  11. Melbourne MicroCert Strategy in a Disruptive Environment
  12. Short course Structural Design of Buildings for Extreme Loading
  13. Short course Structural Design of Prefab and Modular Building Construction
  14. Melbourne MicroCert Supporting Farm Practice Change
  15. Short course Surgical Crown Lengthening
  16. Melbourne MicroCert Sustainable Sourcing in Food and Fibre
  17. Short course Suturing: Improving Clinical Outcomes in Practice


  1. Melbourne MicroCert Teach Digital Safety, Ethics and Wellbeing
  2. Melbourne MicroCert Teachers' Transition to Innovative Spaces
  3. Melbourne MicroCert Teaching in Innovative Spaces
  4. Short course Temporal Bone Dissection
  5. Short course TOE Case Interpretation – Series 2
  6. Short course TOE Case Interpretation – Series 3
  7. Short course TOE Case Interpretation – Series 4
  8. Short course TOE Introduction & Case Interpretation Series 1
  9. Melbourne MicroCert Transforming Workspace Design Using Evaluation
  10. Short course Transition to Critical Care Nursing
  11. Short course Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia
  12. Short course TTE Case Interpretation – Series 2
  13. Short course TTE Case Interpretation – Series 3
  14. Short course TTE Case Interpretation – Series 4
  15. Short course TTE Case Interpretation – Series 5
  16. Short course TTE Case Interpretation – Series 6
  17. Short course TTE Introduction & Case Interpretation Series 1


  1. Short course Ultrasound for Physiotherapists
  2. Short course Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Venous Access
  3. Short course Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia
  4. Short course Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access
  5. Short course Ultrasound Physics and Anatomy of the Heart
  6. Melbourne MicroCert Understanding Treaty
  7. Short course Urban Forests Masterclass: the Australian School of Urban Forestry
  8. Short course Urinary Incontinence Management in Women
  9. Melbourne MicroCert Using Genomic Data for Personalised Care
  10. Melbourne MicroCert Using Response to Intervention to Support Learning