Professor Kwong Lee Dow

Professor Kwong Lee Dow is a former University Vice-Chancellor, a distinguished education scholar and active contributor to curriculum reforms. He has held various Victorian government positions, including chair of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. He was appointed Member of the Order of Australia in 1984 and in 2012, was made an Officer of the Order. He has received various awards and recognition for his achievements and leadership.

Watching the program grow

In 2007, the University of Melbourne welcomed 700 of Victoria’s most talented secondary students as the inaugural Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars. Today, the number of Young Scholars who have participated in the program has reached more than 7000 students from 500 participating schools.

They've been chosen not only because there is a feeling that they will succeed and will do well in the University, but that they have qualities of leadership, engagement and involvement.

– Professor Kwong Lee Dow