Kelly Blyth

KLD Class of 2009
Bachelor of Science/Master of Nursing Science

I graduated from my Bachelor of Science in 2011 majoring in Pathology. I made, what was then, the unconventional choice to undertake a Master of Nursing Science at the University of Melbourne. Although Medicine and Physiotherapy did appeal to me, it was Nursing that truly was me.

After graduating I was employed for my graduate year at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. A year later I started working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) whilst completing a post graduate certificate (Intensive Care). Four years later, I am now a Clinical Nurse Specialist in one of our state’s two trauma centres.

It is a truly inspiring place to work with our team comprising of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, pharmacists and speech therapists. I also head our ICU environmental green team and help facilitate the hospitals prevention of alcohol and risk related trauma programs to secondary school youths.

For me, ICU is the perfect mix of knowledge learnt during my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and allows me to apply evidence-based practice and scientific principles every day. I look after one critically unwell patient for 12 hours. It is my responsibility to manage their airway, breathing, circulation and numerous other tasks. I educate families on their loved one’s condition and hold their hands through the worst time of their lives. My team and I have saved numerous lives and have the privilege of being with patients during their last life, holding their hands as they take their last breath.

In addition to my clinical role, I am a clinical lab facilitator for the Master of Nursing Science course at the University of Melbourne. This involves teaching our nursing students clinical skills we use daily in the work place in a safe learning environment prior to their clinical placements. I am lucky enough to also give a lecture or two a year. I truly love teaching the next generation of nurses and the calibre of students in our Master of Nursing Science course is unmatched to that of other universities.