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Max Bracher

KLD Class of 2012
Bachelor of Environments (Design)/Master of Architecture

My name is Max Bracher and I began my UniMelb adventure with Kwong Lee Dow at 16 years of age, graduating with the KLD Class of 2012. KLD was an invaluable learning experience; through it I became familiar with the Parkville campus, had access to handy revision lectures, and met some fantastic people during our regular activity days.

In 2013, I began studying with the Bachelor of Environments at Melbourne, with a view to eventually working in heritage architecture. After a year of travelling (including an architecture pilgrimage to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater - pictured), I am in my final year of the Master of Architecture and well and truly feel at home here. I’m currently working in conservation architecture for Lovell Chen and have been working on several jobs for UniMelb with its multitude of beautiful heritage buildings. My association with Melbourne over the last 8 years looks to continue well into the future!