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Nick Watson

Nick Watson
KLD Class of 2008
Bachelor of Arts/Master of Screenwriting

I grew up in Shepparton in regional Victoria and came to the University of Melbourne in 2009 to study to be a clinical psychologist. However, along the way I found that my true passion was for writing, and ended up double-majoring in Creative Writing, and going on to do my Masters in Screenwriting at the VCA. I wrote for three seasons of the late-night comedy show 'Live on Bowen' on C31 and ended up coming back to the University of Melbourne to teach Screenwriting in 2014.

After that, I flew off to North America to chase the dream and spent the next few years working my way up the ladder of the entertainment industry, working on the production crew of shows like 'The Muppets' and 'Criminal Minds,' before starting to get professional writing work in comedy and animation. I started out writing freelance for Hasbro Studios on shows 'Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own', and ultimately wound up with a full-time staff writer job on the animated sci-fi/action comedy 'Final Space', which is now on Netflix in Australia. I've since come full circle and started to write freelance for Australian television again, like the recent animated kids show 'Bluey' on ABC KIDS, produced by Ludo Studio.

It's been a rollercoaster, and I've had to take a lot of risks and make a lot of sacrifices to get to where I am today. But it was all worth it in the end to be able to do what I love, no matter how crazy it might have seemed all those years ago./p>