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Sarah Morrison

KLD Class of 2016
Bachelor of Biomedicine

I am currently a second year Bachelor of Biomedicine student with hopes to move onto the Doctor of Medicine course in the next few years.

Despite my courses intense focus on science and health topics, I still have an interest in the arts and literature which the University of Melbourne has helped me explore through breadth subjects. In my first year I used my breadth subjects to learn Spanish, getting a taste for both a new language and a new culture. Inspired by my options, I chose to undergo a short-term study abroad course and spent three weeks in England this January studying Shakespeare. It was a fantastic journey where I met new people from all over the world united by our love of Shakespeare and the theatre. I got to see many of the big attractions of London, Stratford and Oxford that I had only ever seen on TV, like Buckingham Palace and The Globe Theatre.

As well as seeing what it was like to learn in a new environment, especially the more ‘arts’ style tutes where classes were majorly discussion based rather than problem solving.