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Vanessa Lee

KLD Class of 2014
Bachelor of Science (Hons)

After graduating from high school in 2014, I am now studying the Bachelor of Science (Honours) at Melbourne University. Studying here has given me the opportunity to explore a range of scientific disciplines from anatomy to biochemistry, before I decided to major in neuroscience in third year. The breadth component allowed me to further develop my interest in the arts. I took up English literature subjects as well as interdisciplinary subjects about medical theory, forensic science and law that combined my interest in both the sciences and arts. Beyond academics, the university community gave me a great chance to develop friendships with people that had similar interests through volunteering opportunities with the student union (e.g. student mentoring) and activities offered by clubs and societies.

Now as an Honours student at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, I am currently in the Department of Paediatrics researching and writing a thesis on the psychosocial health of children born preterm. The great thing about the year so far, is that I’ve had the chance to get a taste of what research involves on a day-to-day basis while under the guidance of my supervisors.