How you're selected

Satisfactorily completed applications are sent to the selection panel which is made up of academic staff from University faculties and graduate schools. Each panel member is given a mix of schools and applicants to consider.

At least one Young Scholar from each Victorian secondary school will be selected subject to both the student and the school satisfactorily completing the online application and nomination process.

The outcomes of selection will be first communicated to the school Principal, Year 10 Coordinator and Careers Practitioner via post. The following day both successful and unsuccessful students will be notified of the selection outcomes via email.

Incomplete applications

If either the school written nomination statement or the student application are not satisfactorily completed the Onshore Recruitment Unit will undertake reasonable follow up with the school and applicant involved. If after appropriate follow up, either of these components remains incomplete the application will be rejected.

Late applications

If the University receives a request from a school representative wishing to nominate students after the deadline, the request will be considered by the Manager in the Onshore Recruitment Unit which may include further consultation with the relevant school leadership staff.

If the University receives a request from a student or parent/guardian wishing to participate in the program after the deadline, University staff will ask the student or parent/guardian to contact their school, to see whether the school will endorse the student’s late application.

Selection appeals

Applicants who have queries regarding the outcome of selection decisions should contact the Young Scholars Coordinator in the Onshore Recruitment via email: