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Applications for the 2019 University of Melbourne Extension Program are now open.

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Eligibility and conditions

The program is for high-achieving domestic students in their final year of high school.

To be eligible for the Program you must:

  • Be eligible for the award of the VCE or IB in the year you intend to participate (including having at least one VCE Unit ¾ or IB equivalent enrolment during the year in which you undertake the Extension Program);
  • Be undertaking a normal full-time VCE or IB load over Year 11 and 12. By the conclusion of your secondary studies you must have completed a minimum of five VCE Unit ¾ subjects or equivalent IB subjects;
  • Have at least a B+ average across non-prerequisite/corequisite subjects (Units 1 and 2 plus any Units 3 and 4 subjects you have already completed); and
  • Meet the prerequisite or corequisite subject requirement for the specific subject; and
  • Satisfy any other requirements that apply to the specific subject.

Quotas are not in place for the Extension Program or any individual subject areas. As such, if you have met the entry requirements for the program and for your preferred subject area, you will be made an offer.

Gain school and parent (or guardian) permission

Before applying for the Extension Program, it is important that you seek permission from your school and your parent(s) or guardian(s).

Undertaking the Extension Program requires considerable commitment and you should discuss responsibilities such as your Year 12 studies, sport and part-time work with your parents and school.

Forms you’ll need to complete and submit

Please follow the instructions on these forms carefully to ensure that your application is complete.

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