Information for teachers and school centres

Eligible secondary school teachers can receive specialised training to deliver Extension Program Art History, French, Italian and Mathematics classes at their own schools in 2020.

The benefits of becoming an Extension Program school centre teacher are many and varied. You will be able to update your knowledge of your chosen subject area, extend your level of teaching experience and assist high-achieving students to undertake an Extension Program subject at their own school or in their local area. You will also receive academic and teaching support from the University and have access to University resources including the Learning Management System and the Library network.

Delivering Extension Program classes at schools that are not in close proximity to the University’s Parkville campus offers high-achieving Year 12 students, who may otherwise be unable to participate, the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the Extension Program.

We welcome secondary school teachers interested in Teacher Training to contact us by telephone (03) 8344 5538 or via email at

Information for current Extension Program School Centre teachers

Late-December: You will be notified how many students have applied to study at your School Centre.

Mid-January: You will receive a list of the successful applicants for your class and their contact details.

Once the classes commences: If some students are not present or a student who is not on your School Centre enrolment list wishes to transfer from another School Centre, please advise us as soon as possible via

A student may be able to change School Centres if there are places available. If a student wishes to transfer to another teaching location, they need to contact us.

Please advise us if a student stops attending class so we can notify them of the withdrawal process.

Students who decide to withdraw must submit the online withdrawal form as soon as possible.

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