What are Discovery Subjects?

Each undergraduate degree will offer their own style of a Discovery Subject, designed to support your introduction to starting at University by:

  • Building disciplinary excitement; leading experts in your discipline talking you through big ideas, new research and how you will be part of solving real-world problems
  • Introducing the study skills designed to support you throughout your learning experience and help you achieve academic success
  • Introducing you to the engagement expectations of the University community, such as principles like respect and academic integrity
  • Establishing connections within your discipline and the University more broadly.

Designed to set you up for success and to broaden your horizons on your discipline, the Discovery subjects are core for first-year undergraduate students and each undergraduate degree will offer varying experiences and delivery modes. To support the subjects, you will be introduced to modules with topics such as:

  • Our Community: people, place and history
  • Freedom of speech in education and research
  • Respect, diversity and inclusion
  • The cornerstones of good scholarship
  • Your wellbeing and success
  • Sustainable campuses and communities

We encourage you to explore your disciplines study pages to learn more about what you will be undertaking and watch two of our experiences in the  videos.