Medley Hall awards around $280K in residential college fee remissions each year to new and returning students. These bursaries allow University of Melbourne students who require financial aid to live at Medley Hall.

There is no academic requirement, rather a process of means-testing. This takes into account all other sources of financial support including help from parents and relatives, Centrelink payments, income and other scholarships.

Melbourne Access Scholars are eligible for guaranteed places at the College if applications are received prior to the end of December.

Medley Hall Bursaries

$1000 - $15,000* in college fee remission

*Larger amounts may be awarded depending on individual need

  • Be enrolled or have received an offer to study at the University of Melbourne
  • Be living or have applied to live at Medley Hall
  • Applicants are required to complete a means-test to determine eligibility
  • Eligible students are selected on the basis of financial need.
  • More information
  • Contact for an application form.