During your tenancy

During your tenancy you may need some help understanding your tenancy rights, illegal charges and how to request repairs or maintenance for your place.

Here you can find information and links to helpful resources on how you can do this.

Assignments & Sub-letting

Useful resources on assignments and sub-letting

Rent Increases and illegal charges

Useful resources on rent increases and illegal charges

Repairs & Maintenance

Useful resources on repairs and maintenance

Share House Disputes

The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) does not prescribe remedies to settle disputes between housemates in a share house. Unfortunately, neither the Tenants Victoria (TUV) or the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) can assist with co-tenancy disputes.

Disagreements are a part of human relationships and will occur from time to time in a share house. Disputes can be minimised when housemates make clear arrangements about issues such as rent, utility payments, chores, guests and other issues that are likely to arise when sharing a house or apartment.

For tips on creating a harmonious share house, have a look at 'Keeping the 'mates' in housemates' (TUV).

If you need assistance to settle a dispute in your share house, it may be useful to get some advice or mediation. Book a student housing appointment at Stop 1 or contact the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria for assistance with mediation.