Moving out

The process for moving out will vary depending on the type of lease agreement you have. Many people in share houses find someone to take over their room and forget the necessary details that end their association with that property. Things like transferring the bond properly and getting their name off a lease or bills. Don't let this come back to haunt you.

Other tenants wrongly assume that because there is an end date on a lease their tenancy finishes automatically and that they can simply move out on the lease end date. In fact, a tenancy continues along until either the landlord or the tenant gives valid advance notice.

All of this means that you need to give clear notification when you plan to move out.

End of Lease

When your lease agreement is coming to an end, be sure you're aware of the things you need to do.

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Breaking a Lease

If you have a lease agreement and want to leave early.

Useful resources on breaking a lease

Getting your bond back

Never sign a Bond Claim form that does not show the amount you are to receive as a bond repayment. It is an offence for a landlord or their agent to request or obtain your signature on a Bond Claim form that does not show how the bond is to be refunded and distributed.

Useful resources on getting your bond back

Leaving a share house

In some shared households it is agreed that it is the responsibility of the outgoing tenant to find someone else to replace them. In others, the people who remain in the house want to be involved in the choice of their future housemate. Be clear on who is responsible for what tasks. Your course of action will depend on whether you are named on a lease or not and what your household has discussed. As a courtesy, it is advisable to provide 28 days notice that you wish to leave.

If your name is on a lease, bills or listed with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority in relation to bond, be sure to have all documentation updated upon your move, otherwise you could be held responsible for the future actions of others. As well as leaving your room in good condition have a go at cleaning common areas before you leave

Final Inspection

Arrange an appointment with the landlord/agent for a final inspection – try to be present and sign the outgoing condition report. Make the appointment in the morning so that if further cleaning is required, you can follow up immediately.

It can be helpful to take photos as evidence of how you left the property, just in case there is any dispute about getting your bond back.

  • You should attend the final inspection where possible.
  • The RTBA do not return bonds to overseas bank accounts, you will need to keep your Australian bank account active or arrange with them for a cheque to be mailed