Tenancy advice

Most (not all) rental agreements in Melbourne are covered by the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA).

When you sign a rental agreement there's is no cooling off period. Given this, it's important before you sign up to anything, you understand what your rights are and what to look out for.

You want to make sure that what you choose is safe, legal and suits your study and living needs.

Renting in Victoria

For up-to-date information on renting here in Victoria, from rental agreements to paying bonds, the first place to visit is Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) and Tenants Victoria (TUV).

Tenants Victoria (TUV)

Tenants Victoria is an independent organisation which aims to inform and educate tenants about their rights, improve conditions for tenants, and represent the collective interests of tenants in law and policy making.

Visit Tenants Victoria

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV)

Consumer Affairs Victoria is a business unit of the Department of Justice & Regulation, within the Victorian government. Their purpose is to help Victorians be responsible and informed businesses and consumers.

Visit Consumer Affairs Victoria

You can also refer to our tenancy resources below with information and advice on renting and living in a room or property in Victoria.