Types of accommodation

Choosing the right student accommodation involves exploring all your options. Ideally, you'll want it to be close to campus, comfortable, secure, affordable and well suited to your study needs and personal living style.

If you're a first year undergraduate student you may also be eligible for our Melbourne Accommodation Program, offering student accommodation for your first year of study.

If you're an under-18 international student you'll need to apply to have your accommodation and welfare approved by the University of Melbourne.

To find out what's right for you, here are a range of accommodation options you can choose from.

Student apartments offer apartment-style living close to campus for university students.

Purpose-built for students, they offer a range of different living configurations, from individual studio apartments to larger shared apartments. Many come fully-furnished and offer additional social and community activities for students.

The Melbourne Accommodation Program offers a range of approved student apartments to eligible students. Applying for the Program is a fast and easy way to secure a student apartment.

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Other student apartments are also available. All are privately owned and not exclusive to University of Melbourne students. Some of the larger providers, however, may require enrolment at an Australian university in order to live there. They also may not accept couples or be suitable for families. You'll need to check with each apartment provider.

Similar to student apartments, student hotels & hostels are for students looking for short-term accommodation or temporary rental arrangements. They offer fully-furnished, lockable rooms, usually with a shared bathroom, kitchen and living area.

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With a share house you can sub-let a room or bed in a private house or apartment. It's often a cheaper option than leasing a rental property independently.

Every share house is different. Some will share rent, food, utility and other bills, while others may pay for things more independently. Some will have cleaning rosters, while others will only expect you to clean as you go.

Before you sign a share house lease make sure you inspect the property and understand the house rules, communal zones and tenant responsibilities.

To help you know what to look out for before moving in, visit Consumer Affairs Victoria for advice on sub-letting in shared accommodation.

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Homestay offers the experience of living with a family, couple or single person in their home. Every home setting and arrangement will be different based on your budget, personal needs and the family you choose to live with.

Homestay placement programs are not offered by the University of Melbourne. To be placed in a homestay program, you need to go through a private homestay agency. They will discuss your needs and match you to a homestay situation that meets your study and personal needs.

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Temporary accommodation includes privately-owned backpackers, motels and apartments. It's often used by visiting academics and interstate and international students that first arrive in Melbourne as a temporary base while they search for longer-term accommodation.

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If you're an under-18 international student you'll need to apply to have your accommodation and welfare approved by the University of Melbourne.

See Under 18 International Students

Emergency accommodation is for students experiencing a crisis, feeling unsafe where they are currently living, or have been unable to secure long-term accommodation due to extenuating circumstances.

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For urgent enquiries, get in touch with Student Housing.