Your living costs

Melbourne offers many lifestyle options to fit different budgets, so it’s best to have a plan as to which option will suit you. You might choose to live in the inner suburbs, and walk or cycle to uni. You may choose to save on rental costs by living further out, in which case you will need to think about public transport costs or a car.

Substantial savings can be had by sharing accommodation, shopping at Melbourne’s famous markets, using our libraries and the student-owned co-ops, and attending free events on campus rather than paying for entertainment.

Calculating your cost of living

Study costs

The kind of costs to include in your budget include things like tuition fees, course materials, excursions, flights, visa application fees and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

General expenses

There will also be additional costs, including accommodation, food, weekly bills, transport, social activities and club memberships.

Expenses at a glance

  • Takeaway meal - upwards of $12
  • Coffee on campus - upwards of $3.50
  • Bike - upwards of $150 (Hire: $3/day)
  • MYKI travel pass -  $22.50/week
  • Phone payment plan - upwards of $50/month
  • Gym membership - upwards of $70/month

Please note - this information provides an indication only. It also takes into consideration concession prices; it's important you check your concession eligibility for the most accurate estimate.

Weekly cost of living estimate

This table outlines the estimated cost of living for a student at the Parkville campus of the University of Melbourne, based on the type of accommodation you choose.

Type of accommodation Total weeks Weekly rent/board range Estimated annual living costs (including rent/board and other expenses)
Sharing rented premises (with 2 others) Close to Parkville campus 52 $225-$275 $26,000-$36,500
Within 6km of Melbourne CBD 52 $200-$240 $24,500-$35,000
Rural area 52 $95-$115 $19,000-$28,000
Student apartments Two bedroom 52 $270-$325 $28,500-$40,000
Single 52 $355-$435 $33,500-$46,000
Premium 52 $425-$520 $34,000-$46,500
University AccommodationRange of shared apartments, studios and dormitory-style living.21 or 52$308-$475$27,976 - $43,940
Hostel One bedroom, shared bathroom/kitchen Varies $230-$285 $26,500-$38,000
Residential college Undergraduate Varies $665-$825 $24,500-$37,500
Homestay Full board, living with a local family Varies $295-$360 $28,000-$36,500

The costs for students studying at other campuses of the University will be similar, though rental or residential college costs are likely to be lower. However, annual transport costs will generally be higher. Tuition fees are not included in estimates.

You can find tuition fee estimates on every course page.

Funding your studies

There are financial loans, scholarships and bursaries that can hep you pay your student fees and other living expenses.

Financial aid and support

To help with the cost of living while you study, you may be eligible for Australian Government financial aid, including Youth Allowance, Austudy or Abstudy. To find out how these could help your situation, visit the DHS – Centrelink payments and services.

Our financial services can also give you advice on scholarships, grants and how to budget for living and studying at Melbourne.

See Financial aid

Scholarships and bursaries

We also offer a range scholarships and bursaries that can help you with tuition and living costs while you're at Melbourne.

Some scholarships may cover either part of or the whole of your fees or may guarantee you a Commonwealth Supported Place. Others are one-off grants to help with the cost of living while you study. Faculties and Graduate Schools also offer a number of other scholarships and bursaries.

See Melbourne Scholarships