Choosing a homestay gives you the opportunity to stay with a host and experience local life.

Immerse yourself in Australian day-to-day living by staying with someone who is already familiar with the area. If you pick this option, you will be a guest in someone's home and live alongside them. This is a great way to meet people and be introduced to all that your new life has to offer.

There are a range of agencies you can contact to help you find a homestay placement that meets your needs. Each agency will have their own application processes. You'll need to contact them to find out how to apply.

Note: The following companies listed are independent, private businesses and are not owned or operated by the University of Melbourne.

It is your responsibility to make sure your private accommodation suits your needs. Any rental agreement or arrangement you enter into is strictly between you and the private accommodation provider. Each provider will have their own application process. You'll need to contact them to find out how to apply.

Also ensure you know your tenancy rights before signing a rental agreement.

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