The University of Melbourne is a world-leading university that has been at the heart of discovery and the cultural fabric of contemporary Australia for over a century.

With strong research performance and excellence in learning and teaching, we are consistently placed amongst the world’s best and are currently ranked:

  • #1 in Australia
  • #31 in the world
  • #7 in the world for graduate employability

Students at the heart
As active citizens and future leaders, students represent our greatest contribution to the world. We offer a distinct and outstanding education and experience, preparing you for success as leaders, change agents and global citizens.

Tackling global research challenges
Our leading researchers are at the forefront of international discovery, tackling pressing challenges spanning medical research, digital knowledge, arts, engineering, innovation, and design.

Embracing our place in Australia and the world
We offer a vibrant and diverse campus located in the heart of one of the world’s most liveable cities.

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Kunal Khanna
Masters of Environment

The diversity in the Masters of Environment course was exactly what I needed to expand my horizons and form a well-rounded knowledge base for my career. I completed a tailored program with subjects from the architecture, science, horticulture and agriculture faculties - all helped me form the right mindset to go into the world and create change in a holistic way.

Rebecca Hansen
Master of Education

The most valuable aspect of the Master of Education has been the diversity of students and learning from my peers. My favourite part of studying the program is the new knowledge I have gained from this course, which will propel me into any work I do in the future. The possible next step for me after completing the Master of Education will be to continue my education with a PhD.

Ben Enser
Doctor of Physiotherapy

The University of Melbourne was particularly appealing because it was the only program offering a three-year post-graduate degree - equivalent to the DPT programs in the United States. The nature of pursuing an extended Master's Degree has introduced me to some incredible people who share the same passion - many of whom I’m still close with.