The University of Melbourne is Australia’s leading public research university, attracting more than 60,000 students from 130 countries each year. Established in 1853, we have grown to become an international leader in research, learning and teaching.

Ranked #1 in Australia, #32 in the world, and #7 globally for graduate employability, fourteen of our subject areas rank among the top 20 in the world.

We're situated in the heart of Melbourne, a vibrant, multicultural hub of food, music, technology and sports, making it one of the best cities in the world for students.

Jenna Oh
Master of Management (Accounting)

When I think about my experience of Australia, I like to compare it to my undergrad in the States. It’s a very different vibe, everyone here nicer, and more relaxed. I think it’s an environment that’s more conducive to learning, because your professors and classmates are all much more approachable. It’s a really challenging course, but you feel supported. I think more Korean students should come here. It’s a great community.

Miru Kim
Master of Engineeering (Civil)

When I was choosing my degree, I knew I wanted to study engineering, but I wasn’t sure which type. The Melbourne Model allowed me to take a broader area of subjects within different engineering departments and find out what I wanted to specialise in. I learned that there are a wide range of disciplines within civil engineering and now I know that I want to be a construction engineer.

Seunghee Angela Lee
Bachelor of Arts

I was instantly drawn to Melbourne by the vibrant visual arts scene on campus and in the city. In coming to Melbourne, I can pursue my hobbies such as attending music gigs, art galleries, theatre and other festivals. I love that the campus has a balance between nature and the city.