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Half year and full year applications are now open.

This section outlines how to apply for University Accommodation options, excluding the University colleges of Medley Hall and International House. Information on how to apply for these two residences is located further down the page.

To apply for Little Hall, Lisa Bellear House, The Lofts at Melbourne Connect, University Apartments or UniLodge Lincoln House you need to:

  • complete the accommodation application through the online portal;
  • pay the once-off application fee of $100;
  • be a current or future, full-time equivalent*, University of Melbourne student; and
  • accept your accommodation offer within 48 hours of receiving it.

If you submit a first preference for Little Hall or Lisa Bellear House, the application fee will go towards your rent once you move in to one of these residences.

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* Full-time equivalent is considered 75% of a full-time load or above.

Important application information

When applying for an accommodation place, you can nominate three to five accommodation preferences.

The University will consider your accommodation preferences, but can’t guarantee your preferred choice. In addition to your nominated preferences, a range of factors will determine which residence you can be allocated to. These may include room availability, intended length of stay, existing residence demographics, residence eligibility requirements such as age and degree level or other contractual obligations.

If successful, you’ll receive an accommodation offer which includes the residence and particular room type allocated to you. If you receive an offer for a room or location that you are not interested in or do not wish to accept, you can decline the offer. Your application will not be cancelled. Instead, once you decline your accommodation offer, we will review your application and preference list again, and organise another offer of accommodation. This may be from your preference list or for a different room type or location.

You will typically receive a response to your application within two business days.

In the event that Little Hall or The Lofts at Melbourne Connect are not ready in time for your move-in date, we will organise suitable alternative accommodation at no extra cost. When we open The Lofts at Melbourne Connect and Little Hall, you’ll be able to move into your new room straight away.

Contract dates vary from property to property, so please check your Letter of Offer before signing.

You can apply for university colleges, Medley Hall and International House directly. There is no application fee.

Apply for Medley Hall

Apply for International House

If you want to apply for affiliated colleges, you can do so through  a separate application process.