Master of Dance

  • CRICOS code: 105697M

Course overview

  • 2 years full time / 4 years part time
  • On Campus (Southbank)
  • Available to domestic and international students
  • Start Year Intake - February


The Master of Dance is the first program in Australia dedicated to dance as an interdisciplinary practice enmeshed with local and global crosscurrents of movement cultures, dance health and education, and choreographic thinking.

This two-year program focuses on dance as an embodied experience augmented and informed by a rich field of knowledges, including contemporary aesthetics, dance science, cultural theory, and everyday politics.

The Master of Dance provides a vehicle for students to engage in practice-based research, dance theory and creative technologies equipping them with the skills and know-how to advance their capabilities for working in today’s professional environment. The program promotes understandings of the social, political and cultural issues around embodiment, community and the environment. Taking place within this expanding field, it empowers diverse ways of knowing, making, learning and participating in dance as a generative force contributing to culture and society at large.

The program offers pathways for dancers into specialised careers through its emphasis upon applied practice including through working in situ and through placements. It prepares students for careers, including in dance and community practice, dance health and well-being, cultural leadership, choreography and performance.

Six core subjects and an extended research project develop multiple vocational routes through the dance and performance field. Interdisciplinary, environmentally responsive, digitally enabled, somatic informed dance meets the world through research-creation processes of making, writing and performing.

Opportunities for industry placement and input from leading professionals in the dance field ensure relevance and aim to generate opportunities for employability.

Who is this course for?

Open to students with expertise in all forms of movement practice from any culture or geographical area, the Master of Dance is designed to attract students wishing to contextualize and extend their practice and career changers with a specific interest in dance, dance education, and recent developments in the field.