Master of Ecosystem Management and Conservation

  • CRICOS code: 098317B

Course overview

  • 2 years full time / 4 years part time
  • On Campus (Parkville)
  • Available to domestic and international students
  • Start Year Intake - February


As our ecosystems and land management sectors change, how we study and work with them must change too.

This course will prepare you for a wide range of ecosystem, forest and landscape management employment pathways by giving you specialist knowledge in the biophysical and social aspects of ecosystem management, working at both local and landscape levels.

Work with stakeholders

Land management agencies and private forestry companies spend as much as 30 per cent of their time consulting with the community and other stakeholders. An advanced understanding of how people live with, use and feel about their surrounding ecosystems is increasingly important for all professionals in this field.

In this course, you'll build hands-on, practical skills in the management of our biophysical environment while learning to successfully consult and collaborate with communities and other stakeholders.

Created in consultation with industry

The Master of Ecosystem Management and Conservation will address the ecosystem, forestry and land management industries' continued need for strong leadership, problem-solving and cross-sector cooperation.

We work with our industry, state government and NGO networks to build a course that will give you work-related skills for now and into the future, as we adapt our teaching to this constantly evolving discipline.