Master of Surgical Education

      Course overview

      • 3 years part time
      • Hawthorn English Language Centre in Melbourne's easter suburbs
      • Available to domestic and international students.


      The Graduate Programs in Surgical Education are a suite of qualifications co-badged with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) and offered by the University of Melbourne through the Department of Surgery, Austin Health.

      The programs' content recognises the unique challenges that characterise the clinical settings and the advanced technologies that are increasingly important in surgery and surgical training. Effective teaching skills are essential attributes for educators responsible for training the next generation of surgeons in the complex sets of skills required for safe surgical practice.

      The programs allow surgeons to gain formal skills in teaching and educational scholarship. The content reflects critical issues in the broader education community together with specific challenges for surgical education - the role of regulatory bodies, balancing clinical service with training, ethical imperatives for simulation-based education, managing under performing trainees, developing professionalism, safer working conditions including safe hours and more.

      The Master in Surgical Education is awarded on successful completion of the subjects required for the Graduate Diploma, including the compulsory subject Research Methods in Surgical Education PLUS completion of the Minor Thesis - Surgical Education. The Master of Surgical Education may also be completed by coursework.

      The program has been developed to address the specialised needs of teaching and learning in surgical environments. Surgical education is unique within the broader discipline of medical education characterised by the clinical settings in which surgery is taught. Technology has had a significant impact and will play an increasingly important role in teaching and learning the complex sets of skills required for safe surgical practice.

      Within this coursework program, there will be exit points at:

      Graduate Certificate in Surgical Education

      Graduate Diploma in Surgical Education