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Application dates

The application closing date is generally two weeks before the subject begins. Check the teaching dates on the Handbook.

Application process

All subjects within the Melbourne Law Masters program have quotas limiting the number of students able to enrol. This ensures that class sizes are suitable to provide an optimal learning environment. To help ensure availability we encourage you to apply as early as possible.

Prior to making a formal application for single subject study, please confirm subject availability for your desired dates.

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  1. Check requirements

    Check that you meet the selection requirements and any prerequisites for the subject(s) by visiting the Handbook entry for the subject.

  2. Check if subject is full

    You should next check if the subject has reached its quota limit by visiting the subject availability page. Note: If the subject is full you can still apply for the waitlist.

  3. Apply through one of the options available

    Complete and submit an application, attaching the relevant supporting documentation. If you do not have a law degree (LLB, JD or equivalent) at honours standard or equivalent, your curriculum vitae (CV) needs to show that you have sufficient work experience related to the area of study for which you are applying. Please include the company name in your business address (if relevant).

    1. Community Access Program (CAP)

    • Assessed mode code: NA-CAPPG
    • Non-assessed mode code: NA-AUDITPG

    Apply through CAP

    Melbourne Law Masters Indigenous Bursary

    Please forward your application acknowledgement email to once you’ve submitted your application. If you are offered a place, we will contact you with next steps to receive your bursary.

    2. Cross-institutional study

    If you are not a University of Melbourne student and are thinking of undertaking cross-institutional study (course code: XC-PG) at the University of Melbourne, you must:

    Please note that inbound cross-institutional applicants currently studying a JD elsewhere are restricted to one subject only from the JD MLM Electives list.

    Apply for cross-institutional study

    3. Cross-faculty study

    You will need:

    • A copy of your curriculum vitae (CV) and a record (academic transcript) of any previous relevant academic studies taken at another institution
    • Reasons for wishing to undertake the subject
    • Written approval from your home faculty.

    Apply for cross-faculty study

  4. Await a response

    Once the completed application is received we aim to have a response to you within four weeks.

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