Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours)

  • CRICOS code: 009645A
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How to apply

Application closing dates

The closing dates for most Bachelor of Arts (Honours) programs are May 31 for mid-year admission and November 30 for start-year admission.

Psychology Honours applicants: please visit the Fourth Year Psychology website for detailed application process. The process and key dates below do not apply to you.

Please see below the exceptions to these standard dates:

  • The closing date for the Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours) in Economics is 31 October. There is no mid-year intake for the Psychology or Economics Honours programs
  • There is no mid-year intake for the Anthropology, Criminology, Geography, History, Politics and International Studies and Sociology honours programs

Applications are considered in a selection round following the relevant application closing date. Application outcomes are usually provided within three to four weeks after the relevant application closing date.

More information

Please note: Deferral is not available for the Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours).

Transcripts and supporting documentation

Applicants who completed their degree at a different institution can upload an unofficial transcript of their results to date with their online application if their official final transcript is not yet available. Successful applicants will then be required to submit an official final transcript of results satisfying course entry requirements prior to enrolment. University of Melbourne graduates do not need to submit a transcript.

Thesis proposal

Applicants for the Geography or Economics programs who should submit a different thesis proposal document, see notes below.

Applicants for all specialisations (except Psychology) must prepare and submit an Honours thesis proposal with their course application.  Most specialisations use the Faculty of Arts Honours thesis proposal form (890kb Word docx).  Applicants for the Geography or Economics program however submit a different thesis proposal form (see notes below). Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek feedback from a potential supervisor prior to applying. Thesis supervisors are usually assigned when you commence your course and discussing your thesis proposal with a staff member does not guarantee your choice of supervisor.

Please note: Applicants for the Geography program are required to contact a supervisor and submit the Geography Honours supervisor and research allocation form (200kb Word docx) with their online application (instead of the standard Arts Honours thesis proposal form mentioned in the above paragraph). The list of available projects and supervisors in the Geography program is available on the School of Geography Research projects for geography honours and masters students web page.

Please note: Applicants for the Economics program must provide a maximum one-page document (no template required) outlining a potential area of research for their Honours Essay (instead of the standard Arts Honours thesis proposal mentioned above). Both clarity of expression and the idea(s) expressed are important. The one-page document should be written in your own words without using any economics or econometrics jargon. Reference to an article (or two) from the economics literature closely related to the potential research area is suggested as one way to support a research idea. Any such reference(s) should be cited fully (ie. names of authors, title of article, journal name and number) at the bottom of the one-page document. Economics Honours thesis proposal form (135kb Word docx)

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Current students

If you are a current University of Melbourne student please apply for Honours in the final year of your undergraduate study via the My Unimelb Student Portal. After logging into the Student Portal you will need to:

  • Click on the tab “Student admin” at the top of the page
  • Click on the tab “Enrolment” at the top of the page
  • Click on “Track and apply for another University of Melbourne Course” under the heading "Applications and Offers”
Future students

If you are an student external to the University of Melbourne please apply through the Course and scholarships applications web page.

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Before you apply

  1. Check the Handbook for the degree information
  2. See if you meet the minimum English language requirements
  3. Check the entry requirements and make sure you're eligible
  4. Find out whether you’re eligible for a visa to study in Australia
  5. Gather all supporting documents to upload during the online application process
  6. Read the scholarships information
  7. Apply for honours online or submit an application through one of the university’s international representatives
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