Major overview


The User Experience Design major will provide you with practical skills and knowledge so you can combine digital technology with design. You’ll have a special focus on digital material such as web-based media, mobile media and interactive technologies.

You can use this knowledge to design web platforms, apps for a smartphone or improve how we interact with computers and technology.

The field of user experience (UX) is focused on human-computer interaction. You’ll study of how people interact with technologies, the design of technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). It examines how we might ensure that information technology is usable, useful and satisfying to engage with.

Your classes will be about the fundamentals of digital technology – including algorithms, data-orientation and practical web-based techniques – so you can develop an understanding of how we apply digital tech in a range of areas or industries.

You could complete a double major to combine your tech skills to another industry or interest.

For example, you could double major with construction to see how we can use technology to build better buildings. Doubling with a Graphic Design major, you can explore the technical elements of user experience design with the artistic and communication role of a graphic designer. Or help us build better cities, using urban planning and digital technology to understand how we can measure what’s happening in a space and incorporate data into how our urban areas grow.