Apply for advanced standing

To seek credit from subjects you have previously completed at another institution you can apply for advanced standing (credit).

Timely application closing date for 2022 mid-year entry: 11:59pm (AEST) 18 July 2022.

If you have received an undergraduate course offer you can start the application process following the steps outlined below (please note: the University does not assess advanced standing applications until an offer has been made).

If you are applying for a graduate course, your advanced standing application will be assessed at the same time as your course application.

  1. Create a student account

    Once you have received a course offer, you can go to Get Started at Melbourne and create your student account.

    Ensure you have all your documentation ready when you apply. You will need to provide an official and complete syllabus or subject description for each subject from your previous place of study, and a copy of your academic transcript.

  2. Prepare your application

    Take some time to read through the course handbook and the course planning resource page for your Bachelor degree and intended major to see how credit could potentially fit in to your study plan.

    Please note that there are limits to how much advanced standing you can be awarded and policies around how credit is granted. Refer to the Advanced Standing policy for further details.

    You can find out what advanced standing you may be eligible to receive using our credit database.

  3. Apply online

    Apply online here. You'll need your University of Melbourne student username and password.

    If you are applying for exempt advanced standing (credit for a subject that is deemed substantially equivalent to the one you have completed) you will need to note the University of Melbourne subject name and number in your advanced standing application.

    If you cannot find a subject match, you may still be able to apply for general advanced standing provided it fits within the course rules. General advanced standing is credit granted in relation to an unspecified discipline area, subject, or group of subjects.

    In your application you will need to provide an official and complete syllabus or subject descriptions from your previous place of study, and a copy of your academic transcript. Provide as much detail as possible so you can be assessed for the maximum amount of credit.

  4. Submit your application before the closing date and wait for a response

    Timely applications for Mid Year 2022 close at 11:59 pm, (AEST) 18 July 2022. You are encouraged to submit your application as soon as you receive your offer of admission. If you submit your application by the timely closing date, you should receive notification of an outcome by the start of semester. Ensure you check your new University of Melbourne student email account for any correspondence from our Admissions team.

    If you receive advanced standing in your offer letter but it doesn't appear on you study plan, submit an enquiry. Select ‘credit for prior study’ and attach your offer letter. We will then update your study plan.

    Late applications

    Late applications may be accepted up until the end of the first week of semester and we aim to provide an outcome by the end of the second week of semester.

    Applications received after this will be actioned, but it is possible that credit received may not be applied in the current semester.

    You must apply for advanced standing on entry or in your first year of study.

  5. Receiving the outcome

    An email will be sent to your new University of Melbourne email account with the outcome of your advanced standing application. If you need help planning your course with credit you can book an appointment with a Course Planning Advisor or submit an online enquiry.

  6. Rescinding credit

    If you need to rescind or decline part or all of the credit you have received, you can submit an enquiry, and select the "Enrolment" category. Enter "Rescind credit" in the Subject field and the subject name/s and number/s that you wish to rescind in "Enquiry description".

If you require further assistance with your application contact Stop 1.