Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting)

Audition Dates

2021 Start Year Intake

Auditions are to be recorded and submitted via the supplementary application form by the course closing date: Wednesday 30 September 2020.

Please note, applicants who wish to apply for both the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre), and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting), must submit a separate application for each course. You will also be required to audition for both courses.

Successful applicants will not be able to transfer between courses.

Audition requirements

Applicants must prepare three memorised contrasting monologues with each piece being approximately 2- 3 minutes in length.

Additionally, applicants must prepare 16 bars of any song to be sung a Capella.

The monologues and song must be recorded in one take without edits.

Further instructions and audition choices can be found in the Audition Monologue Booklet.

Please also see Recorded Audition Tips for camera set-up and filming advice.

Callback Audition

Only selected applicants from the recorded audition submissions will be invited to attend a callback audition.

Callback audition arrangements may change depending on Covid-19 restrictions.

Further information will be given to each candidate invited to callback.

  • Melbourne: Thursday 3 and Friday 4 December 2020
  • Brisbane: Wednesday 25 Novemeber 2020
  • Sydney: Thursday 26 November 2020
  • Perth: Friday 27 November 2020