Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre)

Applicants who wish to apply for both the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre), and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting), must submit a separate application for each course. You will also be required to attend separate auditions.

Successful applicants will not be able to transfer between courses.

Audition dates

2021 Start Year Intake – audition dates and locations will be advertised mid-year 2020.

Audition requirements

  1. Applicants must create a 2-3 minute original devised performance. Please refer to the 'Devised Performance Criteria' section (pages 2-3) of the Monologue Selection Booklet for further details. The Monologue Selection Booklet will be available to download after applications open.
  2. Prepare two memorised contrasting monologues: one classical and one contemporary, from the lists provided. Each piece must be approximately 2-3 minutes in length. The classical monologue must be in verse and be from the Shakespeare monologue list provided. The contemporary monologue must be from the contemporary monologue list provided.
  3. Applicants must prepare 16 bars of any song to be sung a cappella (without accompaniment). Not all applicants will be asked to sing. If an applicant is asked to sing, it is an opportunity for our faculty to find out information about an applicant’s vocal production and it is to experience another form of your interpretation of text and less about if you sing well or not. Recorded audition applicants should include this component in their audition video.


Call-backs may be scheduled on the day of your audition or on another day during the specified dates above. More details will be provided with your audition notification.

Can't attend the audition?

Domestic applicants residing in Australia must attend a live audition in one of our audition cities. For applicants overseas not residing in Australia or Singapore, you may submit a recorded audition. Please indicate your availability in the SlideRoom Supplementary Application Form.

Applicants submitting a recorded audition will be provided more information on how to submit their recording after applications close.

Theatre audition preparation workshops

Applicants are welcome to attend our workshops to help prepare for tertiary drama school auditions. The workshops will help you select and realise both Shakespeare and contemporary monologues as well as the VCA-specific area of devised performance.

Transferring courses

If you would like to transfer to another Faculty of Fine Arts and Music course, you need to re-apply and ensure you meet that course’s entry requirements in order to be selected.

You can find these requirements on every course page.

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