Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre)

Important! Please make sure you have read the How to Apply information for this course prior to reading the audition requirements below.

Audition Dates

2024 Start Year Intake

Audition dates to be announced in August 2023

Please note, that applicants who wish to apply for both the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting), must submit a separate application for each course. You will also be required to audition for both courses.

Successful applicants will not be able to transfer between courses.

Audition requirements

Applicants must prepare and submit:

  • a memorised spoken word or poetry performance
  • a contemporary monologue with each piece being approximately 2-3 minutes in length
  • an artistic personal statement
  • a creative response to the Solstice brief

Please consult the Theatre Audition Booklet for detailed audition guidelines.

Please note the performance and monologue must be recorded in one take without edits.

Please also see Recorded Audition Tips for helpful advice on how to film your monologues.

Callback Audition

Shortlisted applicants from the recorded audition submissions will be invited to attend a callback audition. Callback auditions will be conducted at the Southbank campus, and online via Zoom Web Conferencing for those unable to attend on campus.

Please note, applicants will not be advantaged, nor disadvantaged, in selection by attending either an on-campus or an online callback audition.

Shortlisted applicants should prepare to:

  • perform one/all of their chosen monologues
  • collaborate with others
  • respond to direction.

Further information will be given to each candidate invited to a callback audition.

How will I be assessed?

Your audition will be assessed against the following criteria by the selection panel:

  • physical, vocal, and creative ability
  • performance presence (overall coordination, poise, focus)
  • embodiment of text and character
  • emotional and imaginative connection made with the text
  • imaginative and creative capacity

In the callback audition, shortlisted applicants will be assessed against the following criteria by the selection panel:

  • vocal dexterity and potential for development
  • physical and kinaesthetic awareness, and potential for development
  • listen and respond to direction imaginatively
  • demonstrate a capacity for collaboration and collaborative practice in performance making
  • work with flexibility and openness

Please note that all applicants will be ranked based on the above criteria, up to the capacity of places within the course