Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art)

Important! Please make sure you have read the How to Apply information for this course prior to reading the interview requirements below.

Interview dates

2024 Start Year Intake

Interview dates to be announced in August 2023

Interview requirements

The interview will run for approximately 20 minutes and will be conducted by a panel of two academics, online via Zoom Web Conferencing.

Applicants will be asked to discuss their folio of works submitted with their application and according to their chosen specialisation. Applicants are required to submit at least 20 individual files or ‘works’ for the panel’s consideration. We recommend you are prepared to identify what you perceive as your strongest and most relevant works that would best reflect your current practice and artistic trajectory to discuss with the panel. Sketchbooks and journals showing work ideas and development are an essential addition to the folio. Please bear in mind that we have a limited time to look at and discuss your folio.

For applicants who are applying for more than one specialisation, there is only one interview per applicant which will cover all specialisations applied for.

Folio requirements

Please refer to the specific folio requirements for your chosen specialisation:

Drawing and Printmaking

Select 20 works minimum demonstrating an engagement in drawing and/or printmaking. Your folio should include observational and general drawings, sketchbooks; and/or any other relevant work, such as paintings, photographs, journals, three-dimensional objects, and new media works, which indicate the broader aspects of your creative practice.


A folio of paintings that may include a range of oil, acrylic, and/or watercolour paintings. Please also include drawings, sketchbooks, notebooks, and other visual materials which may include digital prints, collages, photos, sculptures, documentation of installation work, and any other relevant materials which may indicate broader aspects of your practice and your creative interests.


Provide visual material that demonstrates an exploration and expression of ideas with an emphasis on lens-based making including photographic prints, videos, films, and other digital media. The folio should include visual diaries and other relevant artwork that indicates broader aspects of your practice and creative interests.


Provide documentation that demonstrates an interest in Sculpture and Installation. Please include drawings, sketchbooks, notebooks, and other visual work which may include painting, photography, performance and digital-based works, and any other relevant materials which may indicate your broader creative interests.

Further Guidelines

Documentation, images, or a video of work may be uploaded as part of your folio. You will be asked to present your work in a digital or photographic format that is shareable online.

* Please refer to the following specifications for digital works:

  • Submit at least 20 images, 3 to 5 minutes of video, and/or sound files to your supplementary application.
  • The supplementary application program only accepts Images (up to 5MB per file), Video (up to 250MB per file), Audio (up to 30MB per file), and PDFs (up to 10MB per file). The program also accepts links from YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.
  • Once uploaded please check all media to ensure it plays as you intend, to minimise technical disruptions where possible.

Can't attend the online interview?

We strongly recommend all applicants participate in an online interview. Applicants who cannot participate in an online interview may request a telephone interview by indicating their availability on the supplementary application form. Telephone interviews will be conducted throughout the interview period and may be used where online interviews are not possible.

How will I be assessed?

Your folio will be assessed against the following criteria by the selection panel:

  • Technical and practical competence
    • Exhibits competent control of material and technique
    • Exhibits technical abilities or interests that are relevant to the proposed studies
  • Imaginative and creative capacity
    • Demonstrates comprehension and command of expression and content
    • Demonstrates scope or depth of sensibility, or the possibility of development of these
    • Demonstrates the capacity for innovation and experiment
  • Indicators for development
    • Shows possibilities for aesthetic and/or conceptual development
    • Shows a depth or scope of interest in the particular field of artistic work

In the interview, applicants will be assessed against the following criteria by the selection panel on their ability to demonstrate:

  • Recognition of the role of critical and theoretical study and discussion
  • An interest in and comprehension of other contemporary cultural activities
  • Self-motivation, self-discipline, and aptitude for independent learning.