Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art)

Interview dates

2021 Start Year Intake – interview dates will be advertised mid-year 2020.

Interview requirements

Within each 20-minute interview, applicants will be asked to present a folio of works according to their chosen specialisation. There is no specific number of works that applicants are required to bring. We recommend you bring as many works as possible and be prepared to identify what you perceive as your strongest and most relevant works that would best reflect your current practice and artistic trajectory to discuss with the panel. Sketchbooks and journals showing work ideas and development are an essential addition to the folio.

For applicants who are applying for more than one specialisation, please note there is only one interview which will cover all specialisations applied for.

Folio requirements

Please refer to the specific folio requirements for your chosen specialisation:

Drawing and Print Making

Select 20 works minimum demonstrating an engagement in drawing and/or print making. Your folio should include: observational and general drawings, sketchbooks; and/or any other relevant work, such as paintings, photographs, journals, three-dimensional objects and new media works, which indicate the broader aspects of your creative practice.


A folio of paintings which may include a range of oil, acrylic and/or watercolour paintings. Please also include drawings, sketchbooks, notebooks and other visual material which may include digital prints, collage, photo, sculptures, documentations of installation work and any other relevant materials which may indicate broader aspects of your practice and your creative interests.


Provide visual material that demonstrates an exploration and expression of ideas with an emphasis on lens-based making including: photographic prints, videos, films and other digital media. The folio should include visual diaries and other relevant artwork that indicates broader aspects of your practice and creative interests.


Provide physical material that demonstrates an interest in Sculpture and Installation. Please also include drawings, sketchbooks, notebooks and other visual work which may include collage, photo, and digital based works and any other relevant materials which may indicate your broader creative interests.

Further Guidelines

Documentation images or a video of work may be presented at the interview if it is impractical to transport your work, or the work is site-specific or ephemeral*.

* Please refer to the following specifications for digital works:

  • Images, video and sound must be brought in to your interview on a USB or personal laptop
  • Images and video should all fit on one USB
  • Preferred formats for images are jpeg or PDF
  • Video is acceptable as a 2-5 minute show reel as a single QuickTime movie file. It must be playable on QuickTime and VLC media players, on Apple Mac computers.
  • Please check all USBs before your interview to ensure they play as intended.

Can't attend the interview?

We strongly recommend all applicants attend an interview in person. Applicants who are overseas, interstate or in regional Victoria and are unable to attend an interview in person may request a telephone interview by indicating your availability on the Supplementary Application Form. Telephone interviews will be conducted throughout the interview period.

Telephone applicants will be required to:

  • Submit a digital folio. Applicants will be sent specific instructions of how to submit your folio after the application closing date.

Transferring courses

If you would like to transfer to another Faculty of Fine Arts and Music course, you need to re-apply and ensure you meet that course’s entry requirements in order to be selected.

You can find these requirements on every course page.

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