Bachelor of Music (Jazz and Improvisation)

Important! Please make sure you have read the How to Apply information for this course prior to reading the audition requirements below.

Audition dates

2022 Start Year Intake

Audition dates and requirements for the 2022 start year intake are yet to be determined.

The below audition requirements describe the 2021 start year intake process during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Audition requirements

You must demonstrate creativity and improvisation skills to gain entry to this major.

You are required to perform two pieces, comprising one work from the setlist below and one work from the following options:

  • Your own original composition demonstrating your composition skills (melodic, harmonic and rhythmic language) as well as your skills as an improvising performer; or
  • A work from any world music tradition or popular song demonstrating your skill as an improvising performer; or
  • Another contrasting piece from the setlist

All performed works must include an improvised solo. You must improvise over and with the chosen repertoire, not simply perform the chosen works as scored. The maximum duration of the performance component is 10 minutes.

You must provide your own accompanist(s) for the recorded audition.

*During COVID-19 restrictions performing with an accompanist is encouraged, but not mandatory, and only if you deem there to be no health risk. Whilst the use of backing tracks is not preferred, jazz and improvisation auditions can be undertaken with the assistance of a backing track where live musicians are not available/it is unsafe.

It is not an expectation that you access or purchase additional recording equipment beyond a basic smartphone, iPad or laptop/desktop device. For smartphones, many recent models already have very good microphones built-in.

Here are some tips from our University of Melbourne Learning Environments team on recording a video using your smart phone.


The callback will involve a discussion with the audition panel.