Graduate Diploma in Music (Practical Music)

Audition requirements

  • Applicants should prepare three pieces of music, no longer than 30 minutes in total, demonstrating their skill on the instrument they wish to study
  • Select each piece from the Western Art Music repertoire (except for electric guitar and bass)
  • Pieces should be of contrasting style, period and composer (e.g. works from the Baroque, Romantic and 20th century repertoires)
  • The audition panel may also ask to hear technical work (scales, arpeggios, etc.).
  • Piano applicants: need to present an audition in one take of approximately 35 minutes duration which contains memorised solo repertoire of an advanced level.

*During COVID-19 restrictions performing with an accompanist is encouraged, but not mandatory, and only if you deem there to be no health risk. You may organise an accompanist of your choice for your audition. See the “Preparing your recorded audition” section below for further guidance.

Preparing your recorded audition

Please prepare your recorded audition as per the audition guidelines outlined above.

We understand that in current circumstances, arranging a live accompanist and/or accessing certain recording equipment may be difficult. For applicants requiring accompaniment, you may organise an accompanist to provide backing tracks for your repertoire. Once you have received your backing tracks from an accompanist, you can use them to rehearse and then record your audition.

It is not an expectation that you access or purchase additional recording equipment beyond a basic smartphone, iPad or laptop/desktop device. For smartphones, many recent models already have very good microphones built in.

Please note, your full audition must be video recorded in a single unedited take, and uploaded as one file. Pauses between pieces or movements is expected.

Here are some tips from our University of Melbourne Learning Environments team on recording a video using your smart phone.