Graduate Access Melbourne

If you are applying for a graduate degree and have experienced, or are experiencing disadvantage you may be eligible for Graduate Access Melbourne.

Graduate Access Melbourne (GAM) is the University’s equity program for domestic graduate students. Under GAM, specific circumstances of applicants will be considered in relation to admission and bursaries (refer to the Eligibility tab below for detailed information on categories).

There are two parts to this program:

  1. Admission

    Graduate Access Melbourne may assist you to gain admission into a graduate degree, even if your tertiary marks are below the entry requirements. In assessing applications faculties and schools look to balance opportunity and your capacity to succeed. Admissions teams will consider whether your personal circumstances have had a sustained adverse effect on your academic achievement at undergraduate level and/or whether you are part of an under-represented group in tertiary education, including Indigenous Australians

  2. Bursaries
  3. Under GAM you are also considered for a Melbourne Graduate Access Bursary of $5,000. This bursary will be offered to students with the highest overall level of disadvantage within one or more of the Graduate Access Melbourne categories. The bursary will be paid in two instalments in April and September of a given year.

An application does not guarantee success and you may be awarded one, neither or both, depending on your individual circumstances.


To be eligible to apply for GAM you must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or an Australian permanent resident . You need to demonstrate the capacity to succeed in the masters degree of your choice and qualify under one or more of the following equity categories:

  • Indigenous Australian
  • previous status as a refugee
  • disadvantaged socio-economic circumstances
  • disability or chronic medical condition
  • difficult personal circumstances
  • rural and isolated background

For detailed information regarding these categories refer to the eligibility tab below. To give your application the best opportunity of success please read each category carefully, apply under as many categories as you qualify for and provide all supporting documentation requested in your application.


For us to provide the best possible outcome, please provide as much detail and substantive evidence as possible with your application. Details may include, but not limited to, such things as:

  • The specific dates you had been affected
  • How an event or circumstance effected your academic performance (if at all)?
  • If the event occurred some years ago, how did it affect your more recent academic performance (if at all)
  • If you needed to work to help support yourself and/or your family, on average, how many hours a week did you work (supported with a work roster, or a letter from your employer, for instance)
  • Official medical certificates confirming the duration you are/were affected
  • All letters of support should be dated and signed and, if possible, written on company/clinic letterhead.