Year 11/12 Special Consideration

If you are currently in Year 12 and you have experienced circumstances during Year 11 or 12 (only) that have had an adverse impact on your performance, you may be eligible for Year 11/12 Special Consideration.

To apply, follow the steps to apply for Access Melbourne (using SEAS categories 3 and/or 4) indicating that the circumstances only occurred during the final two years of secondary school.

You should also note in your impact statement any compensation already received from your school to help overcome your circumstances.The study scores awarded on completion of the VCE represent the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s (VCAA) best available measure of the learning achieved in each subject. Adjustments to ranking will therefore be made only where there is evidence that the circumstances have resulted in the learning achieved in Year 11/12 not being a reliable guide to your potential for success in future studies.

Year 11/12 Special Consideration applications will be considered individually, but in almost all cases the expectation is that such adjustments to ranking will be minor. Eligibility for Year 11/12 Special Consideration alone will not make you eligible for a Melbourne Access Scholarship.

Apply for Access Melbourne