Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) in the following Melbourne Medical School Graduate Certificates have been made available through the Commonwealth’s one-off funding of short courses for the 2021 academic year.

With a CSP, the Australian government subsidises your tuition fees, which lowers the total amount you pay. You may also defer your fee payment through the HECS-HELP scheme if you're eligible. For more information about the difference between CSP and full-fee places please visit

Under the Commonwealth government’s arrangements for these courses, a CSP provided by this one-off grant is only for the 2021 academic year. Therefore, if you are successful in securing a CSP and do not plan to complete your entire course in 2021 the remainder of your subjects will be billed on a full-fee basis.

Available for eligible domestic students only. Places are limited.

Graduate Certificate in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing

Delivered online, the course will provide you with the latest knowledge of adolescent health and development, prevention frameworks and skills to work more effectively with individuals and populations in schools and communities, and within health services.

Graduate Certificate in Genomics and Health

This course provides an introduction to the current and potential impact on health and medicine brought about by advances in genomics and related technologies. Designed for a broad audience, the graduate programs in Genomics and Health will prepare you for a future within a wide range of genomics related careers.

Graduate Certificate in Primary Care Nursing

Developed by experienced primary care nurses and general practitioners, the course delivers comprehensive and evidenced-based education in chronic disease management, preventive health, and advanced nursing practice.

Graduate Certificate in Aboriginal Health in Rural Communities

Designed to develop students understanding of health‐related knowledges, their applications in Aboriginal communities, and the broadly social factors that influence experiences of health in Aboriginal community settings.

Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education

The first step in the University’s Excellence in Clinical Teaching (EXCITE) program, this flexible course helps health professionals of any discipline develop their skills as educators, build networks and grow their career opportunities.

Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research

Provides students with the skills to design a clinical research study, including quantitative and qualitative methodology, evaluation of research literature, statistical analysis and ethics in clinical research. On completion of the course, students will be accredited with a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certification.