Work-integrated learning for nurses

Be guided to put theory into practice.

Throughout your postgraduate nursing course at the University of Melbourne, you will build upon your theoretical knowledge and be supported to apply this knowledge to practice.

Your learning takes place online, face-to-face and in your own hospital. This work-integrated learning (WIL) model ensures you have the competencies and confidence you need to move into specialty nursing practice – and the capacity to become a leader in your field.

Nursing is an art as well as a science. So much of what nurses do every day requires an understanding of people, relationships and health systems. Nurses have to look at the big picture to ensure people receive the best possible care, in the right place at the right time, by the right people. WIL helps nurses develop complex reasoning skills, and make safe, timely and evidence-based clinical decisions.

Professor Marie Gerdtz
Head of Nursing
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Work-integrated learning for nurses allows you to gain competence via comprehensive theoretical building block; receive hands-on support and actively demonstrate your clinical proficiencies and be confident in your skillset to be able to become a leader in your department.
Your work-integrated learning pathway

Understand the theoretical building blocks

In your first two subjects, you will learn online and gain a strong grounding in bioscience and a foundational knowledge of assessment and management that underpins your chosen specialty.

Receive hands-on support

As well as expert academic guidance, you will receive vital hands-on support in your own hospital environment. In the WIL component of your course, your in-hospital nursing educator will provide frequent feedback and support you to prepare for clinical assessments.

Develop the competencies you need

Our assessments have been developed in line with the relevant standards for your specialty area, so you, and your workplace, can be confident you have the skills you need for the job. Over the duration of the course you will develop six core clinical competencies that are key to your specialisation. Assessment hurdles have been designed so you can actively demonstrate you have the clinical skills you need to deliver safe patient care.

Leverage our partnerships with industry

As a student, you will benefit from the University of Melbourne’s close partnerships with leading hospitals and health services. Our curriculum and work-integrated learning model are directly informed by feedback from industry-based supervisors and research undertaken here at the University.

There was an ease of convenience with our classes, which were offered on-site in our hospital. The lecturers are always really accommodating, and I found that the content was really targeted and beneficial to what I was wanting to get out of it.

Oncology paediatric nurse
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Work-integrated learning is where students apply theory to practice – and get an understanding of what it means to be a good nurse. It helps them to engage in the standards of practice in a very real and visceral way, compared to what you might read in a book.

Professor Elizabeth Molloy
Professor of Work Integrated Learning
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