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How much does it cost to live in Melbourne?

To make the most of your time in Melbourne, it’s important to know upfront the average cost of living here.

How much it costs to live in Melbourne will depend on your individual circumstances. Below we break down common expenses so you can budget for an enjoyable stay.

Your accommodation costs will depend on where you live and who you live with.

There are a number of trusted and affordable student accommodation options provided by the University of Melbourne. To find out more, see the University Accommodation page.

Alternatively, you may choose to live in private rental accommodation. The following provides a guide to the average weekly rental prices per property type:


Property Type

Median Rent

Metropolitan Melbourne

1 Bed Flat



2 Bed Flat



3 Bed Flat



2 Bed House



3 Bed House



4 Bed House


Regional Victoria

1 Bed Flat



2 Bed Flat



3 Bed Flat



2 Bed House



3 Bed House



4 Bed House


Source: Australian Government.

On top of accommodation costs, there are other expenses to plan for like food and public transport. These costs will depend on your circumstances and lifestyle choices.

Try using a cost of living calculator such as this one on Insider Guides, or refer to the following table for average costs.


Average cost per week

Food and eating out

$140 to $280

Gas and/or electricity

$10 to $20

Phone and internet

$15 to $30

Public transport

$30 to $60

Car (after purchase)

$150 to $260


$80 to $150

Source: Study in Australia website.

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