Study languages your way at the University of Melbourne.

Guten tag! 你好! こんにちは! Bonjour!

Make the most of your University of Melbourne degree by broadening your world with languages. There are several ways to incorporate language learning into your studies at the university. If the idea of living in another country or travelling overseas and really engaging with culture isn’t reason enough, why choose to study a language?

Languages are great for your brain

Learning a language gives you the opportunity to build new neural pathways. The creation of new pathways means you don’t just learn a new language, but you develop increased capacity to think critically and creatively.

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Languages are about people and relationships

Learning a language provides you with the opportunity to build strong networks over the course of your studies. Each language cohort can learn, work and even travel together - building networks that can last a lifetime. Enhance your ability to communicate in today’s globally connected world.

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Open up new cultural and employment opportunities

An additional language can open up a range of specific careers such as teaching, translation and interpreting, and can give you a competitive edge leading to careers in international trade, diplomacy, travel and tourism, communications, community work, publishing, sociology and government.

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What languages can I study?

At the University of Melbourne, you can choose from 15 languages that are used all over the world. Learn about each language, what study options are available and how you can enhance your language studies.

Not sure which language you want to study? Find out about all the different ways you can study a language to find a study option that suits you.

Language study options