Meet Andrew

While some of us are content to languish on the couch, Bachelor of Planning and Design (Architecture) and Master of Architecture alum Andrew Lee is living his best life in isolation. As a Senior Project Manager for a luxury fitness company in New York City, Andrew naturally starts his day with a work-out. Think cool roof-top chill space, West Village community clapping, and high-protein breakfast. Keep up the good work Andrew!

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Meet Gin

Bachelor of Arts and PhD alum Gin Chee founded an art gallery, Zhan Art Space, with her brother – who is also an alum - in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When she’s not working at the gallery, Gin is volunteering as President of the Malaysian Alumni Association.

Meet Nikhil

If Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery alum, Nikhil Pooviah could give you one piece of advice it’s – don’t be afraid to take the road less travelled. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Nikhil is co-founder of health tech start-up, Elly Health, whose most recent investor was Google.

Meet Victoria

Master of Agricultural Sciences alum Victoria brings us this takeover from a farm in Gippsland, where she is working from home. Victoria is an Agribusiness Executive at Commonwealth Bank, but she still finds time for some cute cow cuddles.