Meet Jegath: International Bachelor of Design student

Jegath is an international student completing the Bachelor of Design at Melbourne. He shares his top tips on how to make the most of your university experience as an international student.

Jegath's top tips:

  1. Time zone timetable solutions

    Worried about starting study from a different time zone? Well, time differences can be challenging but the University's preference timetabling will provide you with the opportunity to select your preferred times to attend classes. This is how I overcame the challenge of the time zone differences.

  2. Stay organised

    Keeping up with your university schedule can be tricky, syncing my timetable and assignment dates into a smart calendar such as Google or Apple calendars was a great way for me to stay organised.

  3. Find your study environment

    Your study environment matters! Being productive is one of the essential characteristics desired by many students around the world. Therefore, set yourself up in a place where you feel most comfortable and motivated to study. I have found this step to be a lifesaver.

  4. Make new connections

    Every tutorial, club meetup and university event is an opportunity to grow your network. Regardless of your location and time zone, there is always an opportunity for you to broaden your network. It can be as simple as starting conversations with people in your tutorials.

  5. You control your university experience

    The complete university experience is built by you, so be proactive. Make use of the opportunities given to you by the University. Get involved with UMSU (University of Melbourne Student Union), the home of student clubs and societies, and your chance to begin making new friends. All of these activities are available now, so it’s your turn to make the most of your experience.

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