Episode Three: What else can I do with STEM?

What if you like science subjects but are not too sure you are the lab science type?

The ‘future you’ may take a path like one of the guests in this episode. They have one thing in common, they started in science but changed gear and completely reinvented their careers.

One thing is for sure a STEM background was key to their new adventures in law, business, politics and journalism.

Studying STEM allows you to combine it with your other interests for jobs that probably haven't been invented yet.

Career reinvention is the norm whether it's by chance or design. Listen to how these career reinventors rediscovered a new career. So hang in there and follow your instinct.

Also in this episode: Erin Grant, a PhD student in Physics, explores Wireless Charging in Reverse Engineering.

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  • Kate Ravilious Science journalist in the UK.
  • Dr Martin ElhaySenior Business Development officer, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Leon Wong Patent and Trade Marks Attorney
  • Ellen Sandell Australian Politician, State Member of Parliament, Melbourne



Guest Host: Erin Grant

Episode host, Co-Producer, Science advisor: Dr Andi Horvath

Producer, Editor: Buffy Gorrilla

Assistant producer: Silvi Vann-Wall

Additional editing: Arch Cuthbertson