Episode 5: Supporting your STEM student

So, you’re near the end of high school and you’ve started to look at options for tertiary STEM study. A natural step is to attend a university open day. But how are you going to make the most of your time? And what if your parents are pushing you in a different direction?

In this episode, you will hear from students and parents who are getting ready to navigate the next university open day, or have already been there, done it, and bought the postcard. You’ll also get some insider tips on navigating your open day.

So no matter which university you’re choosing, this episode is not one to miss - especially if you’re the parents of children interested in STEM!

Also in this episode: University of Melbourne Engineering student Rebecca Vincent explains noise-cancelling headphones.

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  • Rebecca Vincent, an Engineering student at the University of Melbourne.
  • Grace McKee, a student of the Bachelor of Science Advanced Global Challenges at Monash University, and founder of Sisters in Science.
  • Jennifer, April, and Rose Henry, a STEM-oriented family from Melbourne.
  • Barney Wray, University of Melbourne student recruitment officer.



Guest Host: Amy Shepherd

Episode Host/Producer/Editor: Buffy Gorrilla

Supervising Producer/Science Advisor: Dr Andi Horvath

Assistant Producer: Silvi Vann-Wall

Additional Editing: Arch Cuthbertson