Our postgraduate environment degrees will give you the knowledge and skill to tackle the most pressing environmental challenges we face in local and global contexts. Offering some of the most unique environmental courses in Australia, you’ll connect with world-leading academics and work with groundbreaking research projects and industry partners.

Whether you want to learn the science behind our climate, advocate for our ecosystems or improve our green spaces, you can make a lasting difference with our environment degrees.

Master of Environment

If you’re passionate about making the world a more sustainable place, this course will allow you to make positive changes in our environment.

Focused on the interaction between human and natural systems, you’ll get to choose from 12 different streams of environmental studies such as climate change, environmental management and public policy. Graduates are likely to enter roles in policy making, working with local government and bodies to form strategies to tackle environmental issues.

Suitable for students from a range of undergraduate degrees (including arts, business or politics).

Master of Environmental Science

Focused on the study of the environment, you’ll learn to better understand and protect the environment through the application of technology using science.

You’ll learn risk assessment techniques and scientifically rigorous ways to tackle grand environmental challenges such as air, water and land contamination and controls, climate change, energy transition, conservation and ecosystem management, and food security.

Graduates go on to work in roles as environmental scientists, environmental engineers, environmental policy and regulation specialists, consultants, soil specialists, ecologists and more.

Suitable for students with an undergraduate degree who have majored in a relevant science-based discipline.

Master of Climate Science

As the only course of its kind in Australia that focuses on the science behind climate, you’ll learn to understand how the climate system works and why it is changing, helping shape future industries and govern how society should progress forward.

Graduates enter into the growing fields of climate risk and environmental consulting, with roles such as Climatologist, Climate Scientist, Climate Policy Analyst, Environmental Consultant or Resource Manager.

Suitable for students with an undergraduate degree in physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, engineering, or environmental science.

Master of Ecosystem Management and Conservation

Address the ecosystem, forestry and land management industries’ continued need for strong leadership, problem-solving and cross-sector cooperation with this course. You’ll build practical skills through industry and field work to best understand how we can preserve our ecosystem and landscape. You’ll also learn to successfully consult and collaborate with communities and other stakeholders.

This course prepares graduates for a wide range of ecosystem, forest and landscape management employment pathways such as conservation professionals, policy analysts, catchment managers and planners.

Master of Urban Horticulture

The only course of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, this course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to address how we can better design, manage and advocate for urban green spaces. Based at our unique garden campus in Burnley alongside world-class researchers, this course addresses how we can improve vegetation in our cities whilst providing the social, environmental, economic and health benefits that keep our neighbourhoods liveable.

Our graduates go on to work as horticulturalists, arborists, revegetation and restoration specialists, landscape designers, open space managers, and nursery and greenhouse managers.

Suitable for students with an undergraduate degree or graduate certificate with a major in any discipline.