At the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, we offer programs for those seeking a meaningful and long-lasting career in education and teaching. For established educators, our programs empower you with the evidence and skills to become a leader and respond to the current needs in the sector.

Discover our innovative learning curriculum and stay up to date with the latest best practices in education. Find a course that’s right for you below.

The Master of Teaching program

Launch your career in teaching through our Master of Teaching program. Through theory and practice, you’ll develop powerful insights into children and young people and how they learn.

These are the courses you can choose from in our Master of Teaching program including:

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Psychology and wellbeing

Embracing positive psychology in the workplace has the capacity to have a huge impact on the life of an organisation and its staff.

By studying one of our positive psychology and wellbeing courses, you’ll explore science-based methods of building wellbeing, motivation and performance in organisations as you learn how individuals, communities and institutions can flourish through positive psychology and wellbeing science.

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Sarah Tan – Master of Applied Positive Psychology

‘I think it’s the knowledge that you gain through hearing from so many experts in the field of positive psychology. In this course, you have the opportunity to pursue your interests in depth (which is great!). I’m really passionate about wellbeing in schools, and the Master of Applied Positive Psychology has allowed me to do plenty of research about it.’

Instructional leadership

Designed for educational school leaders and those looking to upskill into leadership, our courses will help you build on your leadership skills and knowledge to enhance effective teaching and learning and contribute to greater student achievement.

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Michael Schultz – Master of Instructional Leadership

‘The Master of Instructional Leadership is about becoming a better teacher, or a better leader of teachers. It’s not enough just to be a good leader, you’ve got to be a good instructional leader.

It’s given me some more direction about what I want to achieve as a teacher but also as a leader in the school and what sort of outcomes I want for the students that are in the schools I’m in.’

International Baccalaureate

Suitable for teachers looking to expand their career opportunities, upskill and improve their teaching quality, our international baccalaureate courses will give you an in-depth understanding of the IB philosophy. Offered 100% online, you’ll develop your teaching skills for a global teaching career whilst maintaining the flexibility to maintain your current practice.

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Yuko Nakajima – Master of International Education

‘International education I think is so important, especially in this really globalized and internationalized world. Being able to undertake the Master of International Education really helped me understand how we can provide education that's a good fit for everyone, and not just in Australia.'

'The current international baccalaureate education is on its way to providing a really holistic education that's full of intercultural understanding and international mindedness. And I'm really excited to be a part of that. So I think the good part about this master's and what I've learned during this course as well was that we can see the trends in the current growth of the IB.’


Our language education courses will provide you with the skills needed to become an effective languages educator. Based on the latest research, our courses will help you develop specialised skills and knowledge to become a practicing languages teacher or accredited as an English as an additional language teacher.

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Jess Huang – Master of Modern Languages

‘I chose to study at Melbourne because Melbourne University is one of the big universities that offer a language methodology course, which is focused on languages other than English. This course has made me realise that I want to shape the future of language education and I really want to support other language teachers in the future.’

Learning intervention

Better understand children and young people with specialist learning needs and learn how to create an inclusive environment to promote effective learning and positive behaviour in delivering greater student achievement.

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Ethel Hao – Master of Learning Intervention

'As a sibling of an autistic child and a medical professional, I noticed that there are not many resources for children with learning difficulties in Taiwan. Students with literacy disorders, for example, do not have as much awareness as children with developmental language problems. In the training of our occupation, speech-language therapists have less information of specific learning difficulties for school-aged children.

I wanted to be the bridge to mend the gap between rehabilitation and education and change the environment of special education in my country.’

Evidence-based teaching

Build your knowledge in evidence-based teaching to support and optimise student achievements, enabling you to become the best teacher you can be. Designed for teachers who wish to advance their practice in early childhood, primary and secondary school settings.

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