Graduate research

Whatever your passion, you’ll find stimulating research opportunities at the University of Melbourne. You’ll access the support you need to achieve your goals and secure a better future.

Explore a world of possibilities

The University of Melbourne is Australia’s leading comprehensive research-intensive university. As a graduate researcher you’ll access research training of the highest quality. You’ll be well-supported by a community of experts who are ranked among the world’s best – by number of citations, awards and grant success.

We'll challenge you to push the boundaries of knowledge and make a difference in your field. You’ll undertake purposeful PhD or masters research that adds to the store of human knowledge, or creates real world-impact, or does both. Research that leads to a better, fairer, more sustainable world.

And when you leave, you'll enhance your career prospects with a degree you can take anywhere in the world.

As a graduate researcher, you’ll access:

Experts in your chosen field

Explore a wide range of research themes. Whatever your passion, you'll find exciting opportunities in your chosen field. And experts who can guide you to ensure your research contribution is relevant and globally valued. We have experts across a wide range of disciplines, so you can feel confident that you'll find the right supervisors for your field of research.

Multidisciplinary research initiatives

Collaborate with experts from other disciplines across the University, by joining a multidisciplinary research initiative. These projects enable you to work with researchers who share a passion for discovering new knowledge in your area of interest. Develop your interdisciplinary knowledge and networks through a supplementary PhD Program or one of the Hallmark Research Initiatives.

International joint PhD opportunities

International joint PhD opportunities are fully funded and exist across a range of disciplines. You'll receive a testamur from two institutions. Your research will benefit from a global perspective. And you'll enhance your prospects for an international research career.

Industry networks to enhance your career prospects

There are many ways to engage with industry as a graduate researcher, including internships and mentoring. Depending on your discipline, you could co-locate at one of the University’s industry precincts. Here, researchers and entrepreneurs mix with leading industry partners to solve real-world challenges.

A safe and supportive environment

We work hard to instil and promote a culture that is inclusive and supportive. We offer training and resources to help you reach your potential as a researcher. And we provide services that help you feel safe and respected. This includes tailored support for Indigenous researchers.

Scholarship opportunities

Scholarships aren't just for high achievers. There are scholarships available for many situations, with different eligibility criteria. Browse the scholarship opportunities on offer.

Learn how a PhD can shape your future

During my PhD, I worked with world-renowned researchers, and accessed technology that helped me get results quickly and economically.

Dr Umesh Nair
Photo of Dr Umesh Nair

Find a graduate research program


  1. Research Doctoral Program in Accounting
  2. Research Doctoral Program in Actuarial Studies
  3. Research Doctoral Program in Business Administration and Analytics
  4. Research Doctoral Program in Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences
  5. Research Doctoral Program in Economics
  6. Research Doctoral Program in Finance
  7. Research Doctoral Program in Management
  8. Research Doctoral Program in Marketing
  9. Research Doctor of Education
  10. Research Doctor of Medical Science
  11. Research Doctor of Philosophy - Agricultural Sciences
  12. Research Doctor of Philosophy - Architecture, Building and Planning
  13. Research Doctor of Philosophy - Arts
  14. Research Doctor of Philosophy - Education
  15. Research Doctor of Philosophy - Engineering and IT
  16. Research Doctor of Philosophy - Fine Arts and Music
  17. Research Doctor of Philosophy - Law
  18. Research Doctor of Philosophy - Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
  19. Research Doctor of Philosophy - Science
  20. Research Doctor of Philosophy - Veterinary Science


  1. Research Master of Advanced Social Work (Research)
  2. Research Master of Arts (Advanced Seminar & Shorter Thesis)
  3. Research Master of Arts (Thesis only)
  4. Research Master of Educational Psychology/Doctor of Philosophy
  5. Research Master of Education (Research)
  6. Research Master of Fine Arts
  7. Research Master of Industrial Research (Chemistry)
  8. Research Master of Medicine
  9. Research Master of Music (Research)
  10. Research Master of Philosophy - Agricultural Sciences
  11. Research Master of Philosophy - Architecture, Building and Planning
  12. Research Master of Philosophy - Education
  13. Research Master of Philosophy - Engineering and IT
  14. Research Master of Philosophy - Law
  15. Research Master of Philosophy - MDHS (Biomedical Science)
  16. Research Master of Philosophy - MDHS (Dental Science)
  17. Research Master of Philosophy - MDHS (Health Sciences)
  18. Research Master of Philosophy - MDHS (Medicine)
  19. Research Master of Philosophy - MDHS (Population and Global Health)
  20. Research Master of Philosophy - MDHS (Psychological Sciences)
  21. Research Master of Philosophy - Science
  22. Research Master of Philosophy - Veterinary Science
  23. Research Master of Primary Health Care
  24. Research Master of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology)/Doctor of Philosophy
  25. Research Master of Surgery
  26. Research Master of Veterinary Science
  27. Research Master of Veterinary Science (Clinical)